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Meeting Of The Crazy Ones!

Thursday 7 July 2011

Yesterday I had a meeting till 11+pm and reached home at almost 12midnight!! :(
So I didn't blog and went to sleep :(

Today the crazy ones met up at NEX! :)
But we were like lost sheeps there lols! =P
I went there once to get something from cotton on - stayed for like only 30mins there the previous time. The rest of them didn't even go before!!

They had dinner at Hong Kong Sheng Kee while I waited lols. Cause I had dinner at home already :(

The food they ordered! One dry and one soup dumpling noodle!
Their dessert looks nice! Initially we were thinking of having desserts after their dinner but decided to have milk tea instead cause we thought there got KOI or Gong Cha. In the end we search the directory but there weren't any there! :(

Then we came across this bubble tea shop that we didn't try before! Joy say that the milk tea is nice - comparable to KOI. But I thought it was so-so only. Maybe cause we had aloe vera instead of pearls? They ran out of pearls!! :( Only three milk tea here cause some of them didn't want to drink hahas.

Finally! Our first manufactured dress!! What do you all think of it? Any suggestions for improvement? :)
There's somethings I want to edit though. Longer inner lining!! :( And lower elastic band. I felt it was too  high :( Other than that I think this dress is fine :)

Joy and I are trying to start our own blogshops that sells only our designed clothings :) Had this first sample to see their workmanship. And it was really good!! :) Now to continue designing 4 more dresses and we will start collection 1 of our shop! :) *excited!*

Actually meeting the manufacturer was what made us meet-up today hahas! 
Cause we will be going for camp together tomorrow night! :)
So I will be away for almost a week! But I will tag on the internet for the first two days in school using my itouch to reply emails :) So keep your orders coming in! :) I'm gonna go pack for tomorrow's courier! :)

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