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Chicken Madness!

Thursday 29 September 2011

Saw a Gobberdeal offer early sept.
It was $0 for a box of BK Mexican Drumlets!
So I applied for my youngest sis, my dad and my mum :)
(At that point of time the other sis was still in US)

But in the end I didn't receive the vouchers :(
And some of my friends receive it already.
So I emailed them to ask.
By then it was already late sept.
Voucher valid till end sept.
So they said I could collect at their branch.
But I requested for them to mail it to me and they did!
(I didn't threaten or anything ok! I just posed them the question)
And they willingly said ok :)
So I was super happy!
*YAY! No need to travel and can get the vouchers*

Then I received this thick letter on 23sept.
The vouchers!!

This thick lehh!
Counted and there were 25 of it!!

Super alot of vouchers!
So ended up giving some to my maternal relatives 
(cause mummy going to visit wai gong and wai po that day) 
and some vouchers to my nice aunt :)
She's really very very nice!
My grandma got 3 sons (including my dad) and 2 daughters.
My daddy, this aunt and another uncle treat my grandparents the best.
Daddy will always buy stuffs that my grandparents like to eat and stuff (cause we live together)
For another uncle cause he live very far, so he seldom come visit.
But everytime he does, he will definitely call my grandparents to ask if they want anything.
For that aunt, she lives nearby so sometimes she will buy stuffs and drop by to visit my grandparents.
Then whenever she is free, even if she doesn't drop by, she would call my grandma.
Super sweet right?
These are my grandparents best 3 children! :)

Now, back to the mexican drumlets.
So my daddy went to collect 8 boxes for my family.
It's yummy!
A lil hot hot one,
but nice! :)
My grandma loves it! :)

So in conclusion,
Gobberdeals has good services and
the BK Mexican drumlets are nice! :)

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