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Superheroes & Cartoons At School

Friday 30 September 2011

Superheroes & Cartoons At School

What was it about?

It's Hall 8's Maxar Charity Committe's event at
Spastic Children's Association of Singapore
(notice both the organisation and the event name's initials are SCAS!)

So I joined as a volunteer for the event :)
Second time volunteering for maxar's event :)

So what did we do that day?
First there was a skit by the maxar comm
(to teach the kids the right and wrong i.e. return lost and found, etc)

Then each of us are paired with a kid.
And we have to bring them around to play at each station :)
(Not allowed to post photos of the kids as some don't have photo consent)
So what did we have indoor?
A photo booth! :)
Proudly sponsored by Epson :)

The Flintstones bowling! :)

And there was a candy floss machine too! :)
But the candy floss melts super quickly.
So my hand ended up sticky :(

Now to the outdoor stations! :)

The hand painting station!
Where the kids' thumb would be painted and they will leave 4 thumbprints.
Each on S,C,A,S on the banner!

The Uncle Ringo inflated balloon!
I've never played his when I was young ok =X
So during our break we went to jump jump! hahas!
See all so happy! :)

The Finding Nemo Station :)
The kids will be given a fishing rod to fish for Nemo! :)
Only one real water pool though =X

It's the throw the ring station :)
The kids will be given a few bangles and they have to throw and loop it around the bottles.

Halloween station?!?
I think it was just a deco by the school in preparation for halloween.
Infront of these deco was tables and chairs.
The kids each made a paper puppet there :)

So we were at the event from 9am-3+pm
It was an ok experience but tiring.
I think it's because we have to keep bringing them here and there.

Then at the end of the event, Cheryl and I met up to go and buy Joy's birthday present.
Will be doing another post on it another day :)


I think I won't be selling films to my friends anymore I guess.
Sold films to a friend at my supplier's rate.
But I forgot to tell her that I haven't include shipping charges.
And she collect the money from her friends already 
and say it would be a lil hard to collect the shipping fee again.
So I ended up losing money for her batch of orders.
It was $0.5 * 32 = $16.
So quite abit lehh :(
But bo bian la. Is I forgot to say still got shipping charges.
But luckily there were other customer orders so overall still got earn a bit.

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