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Shopping For A Present! :)

Friday 7 October 2011

Haven't been able to blog for the past few days cause it was the quiz week :(
Had 3 quizzes in 3 days!
Plus I fell sick in between.
Felt super horrible :(
Cause lack of sleep then cannot recover fast enough.
Here is another delayed post =X

Went around many shops to find a nice PURPLE backpack for Joy!
After maxar's event, Cheryl and I went to White Sands.
But there wasn't any nice bags there :(

Then we went to tampines.
Went Tampines One first cause there got more sports brand shops like
World of Sports, Heritage Hub, Sportslink, etc
We still couldn't find any nice ones there.
Only kiv a purple converse bag.

So we went to Tampines Mall.
Went to Nike couldn't find any purple bags.
And finally,
we went to Royal Sporting House!
The bags we bought!
One big and one small! Hahas!
Found the small one very cute.
So came up with the idea of placing something in the small bag,
then placing the small bag in the large bag :)

Next up was to find something huggable to put in the small bag :)
And also to buy a card!

Saw this at one of the shop's window!
And I was like "OMG! Super cute and I ran into the shop to find it" lols!
*Won't say which shop cause she might be reading*
So we bought that soft toy!
The girl girl version! :)
And we also found a nice card there!

Shopping trip almost done!
Now we are left with light sticks :(
Couldn't seem to find it anywhere!
Only thought of army shop.
But by the time we are done it was 5+ already and it should have closed.
Then thought of concourse.
But very lazy to travel all the way there.
And I've never been there before.
So when I reach there, I will surely be lost =X

I've decided to use FOC store's leftover lightsticks!
Hehex. Cause I knew exactly where they keep it.
(I packed the drawer while the rest packed the whole store)
So I smsed the chair to ask if I could buy them.
Then she say ask the co-chair who is incharge of the store.
And that co-chair was my CP partner for the past camp!
He said ok and don't need to pay! :)
So YAY! Lightsticks settled too! :)

Cheryl left with her friend and I continued shopping! :)
Bought two pairs of new lashes! :)
Didn't buy those super long ones.
Cause I wear my lashes with my glasses :)

Then went to BK to have an ice cream while waiting for daddy to come.
Tried their new passionfruit sundae.
Got seeds inside!! Had to remove them one by one :(
Conclusion: I still prefer chocolate sundae!

Then when daddy and mummy came.
While waiting for mummy to collect the remaining free mexican drumlets from BK,
I went to buy Ice Cream KOI for my family! :)
Yummy Yummy! :)

So that was the end of my shopping trip! :)
Will blog about Joy's birthday celebration soon! :)

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