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Water Filters! :)

Saturday 8 October 2011

My group met up on 27 sept (during recess week)
to do our HW0210 Tech Comm experiment!

It was an experiment on water filters :)
To find a water filter that is cheap and easily accessible for people in the developing nations.
Cause currently a lot of filters are either too expensive or inaccessible to people in the developing nations, hence the problem of shortage of drinking water has not subsided even when there are technologies available.

Our filters! :)
This was the one with smashed carbon pellets :)

One of our members said the materials cannot be smashed till too fine.
Else the water cannot flow though at all.
So we were like "opps"
Cause we all thought that it should be smashed till its super fine.
Cause the purpose is for the water to flow through the super super small holes around.
So we had to faster try the filter out first.

YAY! It's working!
So we moved on to the lab to do the full experiment! :)

After all these will be the full report and presentation! :(
Super worried about the presentation.
I sort of have stage fright :(
* yes I've been a performer since primary school but i still have stage fright *
Hope I will have enough time to practice more and overcome this problem of stage fright!

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