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Ouch! :(

Thursday 13 October 2011

During the recess week, I had to come back to school for this!
Made me miss my tech comm lab experiment :(
Luckily my group members video it for me so I will at least know what they did.

See the super empty corridor! :(

See all the small orange notes?
Good girl right?

And then it was lunch time!
Had lunch alone :(
Others were there with their club people.
But no one in my hall went :(

Canteen B's western food became better! :)
A lil nicer than what I ate the previous time.
But still so-so only not really very nice.

Then I went to get Mr.Bean! :)
Wanted to get what I usually buy - icy chocolate soya.
It's chocolate soya milk ice blended! :)
But I saw a new product they have and gave it a try!

Lychee Icy with Lychee Pearls!
Was thinking what was lychee pearls.
In the end it turns out to be Lychee Bursts!
Those that you put on you yoghurt ice cream.
The moment you bite it, the juice in it will flow out :)

The lychee burst was nice!
But didn't really like the lychee icy.
They had lychee bits in it I think.
Had a weird taste :(

Then comes the time where I drank all the icy and all the lychee bursts were still in the cup.
So this girl here, happily wanted to open the cover of the cup.
As what one would normally do, I slide my thumb and apply force at the bottom of the cover.
And suddenly, ouch!
I got a long and quite deep cut by the cover!
Painful! :(
Wanted to go to the medical center to get a plaster.
But they were out for lunch.
So I went back to the venue where the talk was held and hope that I have a plaster in the bag.
And lucky for me, I had plasters in my bag!! :)

Because of the cut, I couldn't hold my pen properly :(
Very painful when the pen touches my thumb.
(even with a plaster on)
In the end, I got distracted!
That was also when I found out that I got the two Real Steel Gala Premier tickets!
But I wasn't able to go and had to reject it cause I was celebrating Joy's bday that night.
Ended surfing the net cause the back part of this talk wasn't really relevant to me.
It was more for those clubs that will be audited and for hall FOC, there wont be any audits!


Real Steel is now in the cinema!
Are you up for some action?
Find out more about the movie here! :)

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