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Family Time! :)

Saturday 15 October 2011

Ah ye (grandpa) bought nice egg tarts home! :)

It's from Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries!
18 Sago Street (Chinatown) Singapore 059017

It's super nice! :) My family always buy egg tarts from that shop :)
It's crispy on the outside (tart skin) and soft on the inside (egg custard)!
If you all pop by there, do give it a try too :)

At night I went out with my dad, my mum and my 2 sis.
ah ye and ah ma (grandma) stayed at home.
We went to bedok, walked the night market (pasar malam) there, 
and bought supper back home! :)

Photos taken at the pasar malam! :)
Lots of yummy food there :)
But we only bought takoyaki there.
Then we went to the bedok hawker center to buy the super nice satay! :)
Did not take photo of the stall, not sure of the stall name too :(
But it's near a fried banana store!
* remember this cause my sis was asking for fried durian there =X *
It's on the side facing the toilet and quite near the walkway to the MRT station.
That's all I remember :(

Looking at these photos is making me hungry again :(


Something to share with you all! :)
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But if you already own an iphone you should have gotten data plan as well right?
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Does this app sounds good?
Not sure how long they are going to make it for free.
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