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Pitchstop! :)

Sunday 16 October 2011

Where is this place?
It is the latest cafe & bar right in the heart of NTU Innovation Centre. 
It is located at the tip of NTU's Academic South Spine.
Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 8.30am - 12mn
Sat: 9am-9pm
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

What is behind their counter.
Cute right? :)

The menu! Mainly pizzas and burgers.
Pizzas are $18 each :)

Looks yummy!
Didn't try it that day.
Next time I will go there to try these desserts!
There's Hoegarden too =P

The pizza making corner?
It was right behind us.

Our waiting number :)

My drink! :)
Mango smoothie.
Tastes like mango ice cream.

Turkey breast pizza!
This is actually their traditional base o.o
It does take like traditional base (as it is not crispy) but it's of the thickness of a thin crust base!
So the guys started saying that they sure won't be full after eating.

So this girl here, being the only girl, purposely choose the 2 smallest pieces.
Also cause I didn't really feel hungry lols.
No idea why but everytime when i'm studying, I will feel hungry and keep snacking.
But the moment I'm not studying, I won't feel hungry at all o.o
The pizzas tasted average only though.

When we were eating, I heard someone playing a mini keyboard on the other table.
So I was wondering why so unfair, this table got nothing to play with :(
And after eating, look what I saw?

We have a game too! Lols!
Just hitting the pin ball here and there to see who wins.

So this curious girl went to see what other tables had!
Went to the empty table beside us and theirs was a game of boggle!
The instructions! :)
I can't seem to find the wire below though.
Maybe cause I didn't bend down to find it.
Was just feeling for it.
Then I went back to join my friends hahas.

We still had a lot of time before lesson starts. So we decided to go and see the newly opened starbucks!
When we were on our way there, we saw Frank!
And my friends ask if I knew what it was.
So I told them it was an OCBC debit card for students.
And told them it's super cool!
Cause can choose your own card design!
And we went in to see :)
Different card designs have different cost!
I think it ranges from $20 to $50.
I'm planning on getting one!! :)
Can use it as another bank withdrawal card :)
It's always POSB that has super long queues and OCBC being super empty.
And that is always when I will think "why didn't I get an OCBC card!"
Sign up for Frank and get a free Frank laptop sleeve*!
*Terms and conditions apply.

Then we went to see starbucks!
(Just opened in NTU that day!)
It's in the Student Activities Center!
And we realised that there were Wii and PS3 there for rent!
It's $1 per hour for 4 controllers!
Super cheap right?
I used to go out with my friends to Games Haven to play wii.
And it was $40 for 4 hours for 4 controllers!
So this girl here was very tempted to play raving rabbids on wii!
So I asked haoran and raymond if they wanted to play too!
I will treat them to play! hahahahas!
And we agreed to play after our lab! :)

Then we went for lab! :)
*At this point of time I can't wait for lab to end so I can go play wii*
This was the only lab I understood.
And was doing the hands-on, with my partner being blur.
Lols! Cause I was standing right infront and listening to what the technician said! :)
Usually it's me being blur and my lab partner doing everything =X
This is the first lab I managed to end early!!
Cause the moment you finish you lab and get assessed you can leave.
But I always either finish on the dot or take even longer to finish :(

Then raymond and I when to meet haoran outside EEE graduating office at South Spine.
And lynn was there with haoran!
So we started psycho-ing her to join us to play Wii! :)
And we did managed to psycho her! hehex.
She played for an hour then left though.
Cause she has her lab report to finish.

So we went to Students Activities Center at North Spine.
We played this!
Raving Rabbids 2!

We played for about 1.5hours. Payed for 2hours.
Next time when you play, keep track of time ok!
Then won't be like us. Waste 0.5hr of playing time :(
But anyways it was only $2 hahas.
And I had no choice cause I had to go back to hall for an event.

We sold fried ice cream at the event! 
Will blog about it another day! :)
When I get the photos.
Cause it was very dark.
So my photos weren't really that clear.


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