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I've Got Mails! :)

Sunday 6 November 2011

Sis opened the letter box on friday and...
There were 4 packages for me! :)

So what were in the packages? 
1. The rainbow iphone 4s covers i bought for both my sisters :)

2. Bag strap replacement for my customer :)

3. Rainbow cardigan from the closet lover :)

4. Reversible top from Whimsical Wants :)

And Whimsical Wants was so sweet!
They left me a letter in the top.
It contained a small little note and a frolick 1-for-1 :)
Never heard of Whimsical Wants before?
Check out the advertorial I did for them earlier here!

I'm so happy getting all these packages!
New clothes to wear! :)

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