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Surprise Birthday!

Saturday 5 November 2011

Joy's birthday celebration! :)
So I came up with the idea of giving her a surprise birthday celebration on ADM
(with the help from Cheryl)

The plan was for Cheryl and the rest our engine OG to buy the cake and deco the place.
I passed the light sticks for them to create the word Joy.
Initially wanted to stick on a paper and hang it from one end to another.
But they came up with an idea to place it on the grass patch :)
So I tricked Joy to meet me in school for project.
Then I tell her that I need to collect something from a friend on ADM.
Then we walk up and they will start singing the birthday song! :)

And guess what?
But that sneaker girl already knew we were celebrating for her! 
zzz cause someone acidentally msg her about it!

But anyways...

Here's the cake!
Super nice cholocate cake from Four Leaves!

The artwork of our OG! :)
Romantic? ;)

Group photo! :)

The girls! :)

I've no idea how but...

Cheryl and I managed to make her thing that there was something scary in the bag! lols!
It was actually a bag in a bag :)
My idea! =P

And another cute soft toy in the bag! :)
See how happy she is! hahas.

Some of them left first. So the rest of us took jump shots! :)
Yay! All in air!

Another photo :)
We are such camwhores hahahas!
Each photo is like taken 10times!
Cause we didn't know how to set the timer to have lesser shots! lols!

And that was all for the celebration :)
Most of the time spent taking photos =P

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