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Homemade Popiah! :)

Saturday 24 December 2011

Grandma made popiah! :)
Our fav! It's different from what is sold outside =P
Cause grandma puts a lot of additional ingredients inside!

Grandma wrapping one popiah for sis :)

I mentioned grandma added additional ingredients right?
Usually popiah sold outside only has vege, sweet sauce, egg, peanut right?
Ours has...



Sweet sauce

Homemade chili
(I didn't add that to mine - it's super hot!)

Bean sprouts

Crab sticks



Crushed peanuts

Crushed fried shrimps

Wan sui
(not sure what it is called in english)

Took photos of grandma wrapping the popiah :)

Here's one wrapped by grandma! :)

Here's me wrapping one by myself :)
(Learnt from my grandma how to wrap popiah last time)
See the build up of the ingredients? :)
I took photo after placing each ingredient.
Grandma helped me place some of the ingredients.
Cause she saw that I was busy taking photos =P
But I rolled it myself!

Here's how it looks! :)
Good? hahas.
But it looks thinner than what grandma made. lols.
Cause I think I didn't put as much ingredients as grandma.

Yums! :)
We always look forward to the time of the year where grandma will make popiahs! :)

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