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IKEA with parents again!

Friday 23 December 2011

Went to IKEA with parents again!
This time to buy some shelves for our room and a small table for parents' room :)

Looking of the table :)

Xmas decoration in IKEA!
Christmas is around the corner!

We were walking around and reached the bed section :)

Thinking of getting a bedside table.
But not sure how much space there would be for us to put one.
So we will have to go wait for the beds to come first :)
So I guess there will be another IKEA trip again. lols.

Guess what?
And I found out something new at IKEA!
We all know that IKEA has showrooms.

They actually used their kitchen showroom for baking demonstration!!
See the trays on the counters filled with cookie dough?
There were a few aunties there baking!
Didn't take photos of them though. Scared they don't allow :(
Hmmm. Just found out about this that day. So I was quite amused hahas.
But maybe they had this all the while just that I've never visited the kitchen showrooms before? o.o

Lots of nice lightings there! :)

To the market place to look for the shelves and get the table :)
Daddy and mummy are in this photo ;)

Getting a trolley!
Some are really dirty =X

See! They make me go through a narrow course!
And keep making me three point turn here and there cause mummy keep walking here and there.


No! It's for the shelves! =P

The shelves on display there.
Choose your own board and bracket :)

Daddy and mummy taking the table.

Shopping done!
One table and two shelves! :)

At the cashier!
And we are done for that trip :)
Will most probably be back again for the bedside table! :)

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