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My Lucky Day :)

Thursday 29 December 2011

My friends should know that I joined Churp Churp's contest sometime ago :)
(Cause I asked them for help hehex)
And thanks to them, I won! :) Got the first prize!
And iPad 2 and a Churpie!

Daddy was on leave that day.
So daddy gave me a ride and we made a trip to their office :)
Their office is in this building!
I quite like this photo that I took =P

Churp Churp's office! :)
Nice right?
Sorry the photo is blur :(

Now Churp Churp is having a xmas giveaway too!
A lil something for those who loves chocolates like me! :)
What's Christmas without some sinful chocolates? 
Let's enjoy Royce chocolates from #ChurpXmas when you join them this Christmas!

And on my way to churp churp's office, I received a call from Juzzweb :)
She told me that I won myself $150 RWS vouchers for blogging about CNB's game here!
Double happiness in a day :)

So after going to churp churp's office, I went to their office at Chow House :)

The building was very old. But heard they were moving to another building already.

Inside the office :)

Signing the prize acknowledgement form!

Left the place happily with my vouchers :)

The view opposite Chow House :)

Yay! :) Happy girl!
Gonna use it to bring my sisters to USS :)
I actually went there before already and even blogged about it here,
but my two sisters haven't gone there before.

And I was on my way home with all my prizes :)
Some views on the way back home! :)
MBS area! :)
Wanted to take a nice photo of MBS.
But the trees kept blocking :(
I've neither stayed in MBS before nor went to their skypark before :(
Hope will have a chance of staying there and going up the skypark! :)

My iPad 2! :)

My Churpie! :)
Cute right?
Thank you Churp Churp for organizing the Churp Churp race contest and for the iPad2 and Churpie!

My RWS vouchers! :)
Thank you CNB for organizing the contest and for the vouchers!

Want to join contests like I did?
I heard of some contests that are on-going now!
Stand a chance to win an iTouch, iPad and even a trip to USA!
Learn how to win these here!

Win free BK Spicy Panini Chicken Sandwiches and iPad2!
Learn how to win these here!

And school is going to start soon!
Those students taking O Levels in 2012, have you thought of where you want to go after graduating?
The time has come to realise your potential. Visit Singapore Polytechnic Open House from 5 – 7 Jan 2012. #SPOH2012

Most people don't like school to start so soon.
But think about it.
After school starts, it's gonna be chinese new year!
Time for all the gatherings and makeups!
Remember to remove your makeup properly after your gatherings!
Heard Biore has good makeup removal cotton facial sheets!
You can read the reviews here on Fay's blog :)

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