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Room Makeover Part 1

Tuesday 27 December 2011

My room is having a makeover!
1st up: The Walls!

Initially my room was a slight baby blue colour...

The new colours will be PINK! :)

Shade 1: Sweet Pink

The wall that used sweet pink :)
It's where the new bed frames (part 2 of room makeover) will be! ;)

Shade 2: Angel Pink

This lighter shade of pink was applied to all other walls! :)

Spent the whole day painting this room with grandpa, daddy and mummy!
Grandma was making popiah and two sisters were helping her :)
And I was aching the next day! :(
Old already! :(
Think it was because I was doing all the climbing.
Even climbed onto the table without using any chairs lols.

Part 2 of my room makeover will be up soon!
It will be about my new bed frames! :)

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