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Shopping With Sisters! :)

Monday 26 December 2011

Went out shopping with both my sisters!

With the sisters :)
1st stop: ION!

First we had Each A Cup at ion :)

Then we went to Shu Uemura cause I wanted to buy some stuffs there :)
Bought their eyelash glue and eyebrow pencil! :)
Went there without thinking that there was no discount.
But lucky me! They were having a 10% storewide discount then! :)

2nd stop: Forever 21 at Orchard Exchange

Crazy shopping time! :)

Love their mirrors and their lightings!
(Sorry didn't put on any makeup that day)

The almost full shopping bag!
This is how scary 3 girls shopping at the same time can be lols! =P

And lucky us again!
They so happen to be having 10% off for students! :)
I wonder if the offer is still on... 
Do share if you know that the offer is still on ;)

3rd stop: Newlook and Topshop in ION!

The sisters :)
We were walking around ION. 
Entered Topshop and Newlook but didn't find anything that we like :(

4th stop: ION Christmas Tree!

Bin said there was a huge christmas tree outside ion.
She said its similar to the size of the purple christmas tree that people can enter last year.
(We entered that tree tgt last year too)
And this is different in the sense that there are stairs inside.
So you can go to the "roof"!
So we decided to go there tgt again :)

Huge and nice golden tree right? :)

That viewable "roof" were you can reach using the stairs inside the tree.

But it was close :(
Super sad!
See the interior is so nice right?
We even brought polaroid cams and were prepared to take photos inside :(

Then we took a train to White Sands Shopping Centre.

The sisters found themselves seats :)

See the both of them using their iphones throughout the journey!
I think they qualify for #CantLiveWithoutTech lols!
Should make them join the contest! Maybe can win a trip to USA =P

5th stop: White Sands Cotton On!

Didn't take any photos there though.
Was busy trying on clothes hahas.

Shall end this post with a photo of the bags of items we bought! :)

Hope you all had a great boxing day! :)

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