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CNY Shopping in Bugis!

Thursday 26 January 2012

After shopping for the components, daddy and I went to find grandma and mummy :)
Then we went to Victoria Street Wholesale Centre!
That place sells cheap dry food!

Grandma and mummy doing all the choosing and buying!
Daddy and I were just standing around lols.

New year must haves! ;)
They even gave us samples to try :)

Did most of the buyings at this shop!
Daddy always buy the dry food there!
Cheap and good :)
Cause this shop has alot of customers,
so their stocks are not kept for long = fresh stuffs!

Lots of stuffs there!
Think they have almost everything.
Except some that were out of stock.

Happy grandma still shopping :)

And suddenly, it rained heavily!

We only had one umbrella with us :(
So daddy took that umbrella to walk to our car to get more umbrellas.

The rain stopped!

And we brought grandma and mummy to the sungei laksa stall!
Remember me blogging about it here?
Went I went home that day, I told my family it was really nice.
And grandma and mummy said they didn't try it before!
So we brought them here :)

Initially mega long queue!
After that no queue at all when daddy went to buy takeaway laksa for the rest of my family!

One bowl each! :)
Mine with no chili again.
You see the chili one with lots of fishcake?
That is grandma's cause she ordered one without clams.

Mummy then ordered two rolls of popiah so we could share.
But... All of us didn't like it :(
The popiah skin was really thin.
So when you take it up, it will get really messy.
And for me, I felt that it had a peanut butter taste.
I hate peanut butter =X
I know popiah has peanuts in it.
But usually it does not have a peanut butter taste.
Wonder why this has that taste :(

And after eating, we bought food back home and that was all for the day! :)

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