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Shopping at Sim Lim Tower!

Wednesday 25 January 2012

Happy Chinese New Year! :)
Hope you all had a great holiday!

A little something for you all!
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Here's how you might stand a chance to win free tickets!

Now back to today's post ;)

Sim Lim Tower!
Been there with daddy once when he wanted to get some components.
This time I'm there to shop for components for my project! :)
First time there to find stuffs!
This is a place that all electrical and electronic engineers must know!!

Their working hours for weekdays is till 7pm but heard most are closed by 5.30pm.
And for weekends is till 530pm but most closed at around 4pm!
I will there at 3+ almost 4 and look!

So many shops closed already!
Luckily daddy told me about them closing earlier on weekends!
And thankfully he drove me there too!
Else I would have reached there late.
Grandma and mummy were with us too!
But shopping elsewhere ;)

The first shop I entered :)

So many components!
Super lost =X

LDR has 2pin and 3pin type!
I even had to sms my leader to ask which type we need :(

LEDs! I wanted the pink ones!
But my group has 8 guys!
I think if I get pink ones, I will get killed by them :(
So I ended up buying red.

As for the transistors which I needed, I was luckily that the lady there found it for me :)
But they don't have one of the transistor in stock.
So I had to search for another shop!

And I had to walk quite a bit to find the next shop!
Cause most were closed and most of the shops that were still opened don't sell components :(

And finally we found this shop!
And luckily they've got the transistor we needed :)

Loots for the day!
1W, 5%, 470ohms resistor x 5
1W, 5%, 1Kohms resistor x 5
5mm Red LED x 3
2 pin LDR x 3
BC547 transistor x 3
2N3904 transistor x 3

After that daddy and I went to find grandma and mummy to do some CNY shopping :)

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