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A Gift From SKAGEN Denmark :)

Monday 2 January 2012

2nd post for the new year! :)

Was at Raffles City Shopping Centre for mass meetup that day! :)
Gave the films to my customers and also the prizes to my giveaway winners :)

Hmm looks like not many people around this area right?
But the MRT station was super crowded!

See that lady in white top and blue jeans?
Suddenly she approached me while I was standing infront of Starbucks.
And guess what?
She gave me a candy cane!
( this happened before xmas, on 21dec )
So it was an early xmas gift I received :)

It's actually from Skagen! :)
And there was a card attached to it!
I can use it to receive a complimentary SKAGEN snowflake pendant! :)

So happy girl here went to pay SKAGEN a visit after the mass meetup timing :)
I love their rings!!
They are all so simple yet nice!
But it's really ex too :(
Poor girl here :(

The gift :)

Then I went to meet daddy and my sisters at Funan :)
Was planning to go there to buy iPad cases for me and my sisters.
But no nice designs there :(
We ended up buying a leather case online.
Can't wait for it to reach me!
Cause till now I've yet opened my iPad!
Cause I'm scared I will scratch it if there is no cover on :(

Here are the photos of the SKAGEN pendant taken at home :)

Colour is more true to the last photo.
( Though it still look slightly pink, it was the best I could take )
The huge problem here with the pink is due to my camera!
My camera is pink in colour! So it the crystals actually reflected the pink colour of my camera.
The crystals are actually clear in colour!
A very lovely pendant :)
Thank you SKAGEN for this earlier xmas gift :)

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