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My 2012 New Year Resolution!

Sunday 1 January 2012

Hello dears :)
It's 2012!

photo from deviantart

I didn't have any written new year resolution for 2011,
as I didn't have a blog back then.
But since I have a blog now,
here are my new year resolutions for 2012! :)

1. Be more hardworking and improve my GPA!

2. Write more useful blog posts :)

3. Go to USA! :) So many places I want to visit!
Disneyland, Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Hollywood, and more!
Hopefully I can go to my GSS trip successfully :)
photo from weheartit

4. Lose weight!

5. Go on a cruise! Hopefully can arrange time for this! Cause sis is graduating from SP already. and another sis is having her O levels this year. And I'm in uni. All our holidays are different :(

6. Make more friends, know more bloggers, know more of my readers :)

7. Get an iPhone!
My current phone is one of the phones I'ved used the longest.
When I was young, I only change my phone once every few years (the longest was 3 years I think)
and as I grew older, I changed phone once every year.
But now... I've used my phone for 2 years already!
Plus I let daddy use my phone plan to change phone.
So I can only get a phone in 2012.
But I'm determined to get iPhone5!

8. Keep this blog alive! ;)
Those we know me since secondary school will know that my blog "dies" very quickly :(
I promise I will do my best to continue blogging everyday throughout 2012!
(or at least a few times a week if its my busy period eg. exams or overseas)

That's all of my 2012 new year resolution - for now at least :)
There are definitely more goals and wishes along the way.
Hope I can achieve all this goals and things I want to do :)
And hope all of you will preserver is making your dreams and goals come true too!

Once again, Happy New Year 2012! :)

photo from deviantart

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