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Mummy, Surprise! :)

Monday 9 January 2012

Daddy was on leave and he wanted to give mummy a surprise by waiting for her outside her workplace!
Sweet right? :)

It was time for mummy to knockoff but she wasn't out yet :(
Usually mummy will cross the road to take bus home.
Then we will be able to see her crossing the road while sitting in the car.
But after awhile, we were worried that mummy will take the bus outside her workplace,
and go to bedok to shop or what.
So... Daddy sent me out as a spy -.-|||
He had to be in the car cause we didn't park the car in a carpark.

Me - hiding behind the bus stop's board =P

I got very bored and started snapping random pictures lols.
But... I was still keeping track if mummy came out.

And it was more than 30mins of waiting already.
So I called mummy.
To double check if she was still in the office.
(She thought I was at Tampines Giant) ;)

After confirming that she was still in, I continued waiting.
She said she will be out soon.
But after almost another 30mins she still wasn't out!
So I smsed her.
And say "Mummy when going home call me. I need you to help me buy something"
(This is so I need not keep turning around and peeking to see if she is out!)

Then came a doggy!

I was still standing behind the board when I spotted the doggy.

Then I came to the other side of the board so I can be closer to the doggy.
See the poor doggy :(
It's looking into the supermarket cause it missed it's owner :(

Then it noticed me and came over wagging it's tail.
I wanted to pat it and play with it cause it was whining.
But I think the owner was still there.
So I didn't anyhow touch the doggy :(

Poor doggy looking for something to play with.
And realise I keep calling him/her it?
Cause I don't know if its a male of female. lols.

And finally I received an sms from mummy asking me what I want.
Then I anyhow say something that I know the shop don't have then say nvm don't need to buy already.

And after 10mins.
(After that then I found out that she took 10mins cause she bought persimmons there)

Here she is walking out of the supermarket!
And she didn't notice me lols!

So she kept walking and walking.
Finally when she wanted to turn to walk towards the traffic light, 
I said from behind "walk straight (in chinese)"
Then she turned around and was shocked hahahas.

So it was a successful surprise! YAY! :)

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