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Room Makeover Part 2

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Here is part 2! :)

Messy living room with tons of pillows!

Reason being...
All my rooms are being cleared!
Cause we have new bed frames coming in!

Me and my sisters' empty room.

Look at how messy the corridor was =X
The bed frames were all placed there for a short while.
Cause there was only one guy doing the delivery and fixing.

And slowly the new bed frames were placed into our room one at a time.

Parents' room.

Grandparents' room.

After shifting the bed frames into the respective rooms, the delivery guy started fixing them!


Yay! All done!
This took a few hours!

Look at how much space there is under the bed.
Cause my house don't have any storerooms.
So my parents thought it would be good if we change our beds to storage beds! :)

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