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Chinese New Year Eve!

Friday 10 February 2012

Firstly, it was the CNY Eve dinner!

Widespread food we had on the table!

Yummy steamboat ingredients we had!
Some where placed in the pot initially.
While some where placed on the table first then later added in :)

Other than steamboat, we had other food too!

My favourite Chinese Stir Fried Sticky Rice Cakes (Nian Gao)!

Pig stomach and meat!
Love the pig stomach ;)
But sometimes don't like the ones sold outside 
cause they didn't wash it properly and it has a stinky smell :(

Homemade Ngoh Hiang!
Love this alot too :)

Fried fish!

Mix vege!

Homemade smoked chicken!
Grandma makes this every CNY with daddy's help :)

Homemade chili mixed with lime!
Sis's favourite!
I find it too hot (I only eat the super diluted ones - with lots of lime hahas)
But she can mix this with her rice and just eat it like that!

After reunion dinner, I became my family manicurist! hahas.
Did my sisters' nails and my nails!

My nail designs

Bin's nail designs

Ling's nail designs

I took photos of the steps to doing these nail designs too :)
So will be sharing nail tutorials with you all in the future! ;)

I had to finish theirs first before I could do my own finger nails.
Else I will end up destroying mine :(
So after finishing theirs, I continued doing mine till 5.30am then I went to sleep!
Cause had to wait for it to dry fully!
So that was my CNY eve! :)

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