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Need Help For Oily & Acne-prone Skin! :(

Saturday 11 February 2012

My personal struggle with oily & acne-prone skin

Have always been jealous of girls with perfect skin!
Ever since I was in secondary school, this problem of oily and acne-prone skin started.
Been finding a solution for it ever since.
But this problem keeps coming on and off! :(
There were times where my skin was really good.
But also time where my skin was really horrible (eg. now) :(

Don't believe that my skin is really that horrible?
It's cause on those bad skin days, sometimes I go out with makeup on
and on days which I'm just too lazy to put on makeup,
I will photoshop my photos to remove the blemishes.
Yes I know that putting on makeup will worsen the problem.
So now I seldom put on makeup already.
Just keep photoshopping :(

Nothing to hide cause my friends know how horrible my face is :(

I've always told my family I've spent the most money on my face!
Seeing doctors, buying different products, going for facials.
But one huge problem with my face might also be that when my skin problem is solved, 
it got used to that product, and the problem arises again! :(
And worst thing was when it started leaving scars on my face!
Being fat and ugly is bad enough. Still give me skin problems :(
Been thinking of going for lasers to remove this scars.
But maybe when my skin condition is more stable.
And also there's so many things I want to do (eg. braces, blemish laser, slimming)!
Anyone wants to sponsor? :(
Gonna spend a bomb on this! :(

The worse method you’ve ever tried to get rid of pimples
It would have to squeeze the pimples by myself? When I was alot younger, not knowing anything about taking care of my face, I used to squeeze the pimples on my face! But lucky me it didn't leave me scars then (so i wonder where did my current scars come from... i didn't even squeeze my pimples anymore). So yes, the young innocent me used to squeeze my own pimples thinking that the moment I squeeze them out, my face will heal and it will be okay again. But I was so wrong then! Later then I read online that it will worsen the skin condition :( Maybe that was how my skin started getting so horrible! But I was born with oily skin too. So I guess genetics did play a part as well!

Heard of the brand Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula (TDF)?
I came across this brand on Nuffnang! It was an advertisement for theirTherapeutic Dermatologic Formula (TDF) Oily & Acne-prone regime! Maybe I should give this product a try too! Since my face keeps getting used to the products that were once effective for me!

It says "achieve visibly clear skin in only 4 weeks!" OMG! Please please happen to me!
I really want to solve the current skin problems I have! It's been with me for soooo long already!
In the past when I used to see the doctors for my skin, they would tell me that it's due to hormones etc etc and will get better when I'm around 21. But heys! I'm turning 21 already. Why is it still like this? Really hope this product can help me.

About TDF
Established in USA in 1994, Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula is a respected name in the field of dermatological skincare, being a pioneer in AHA glycolic acid formulations. Dedicated to improve consumers’ self-esteem, the brand provides a range of skin care products with superior quality and proven efficacy, delivering visible results. Its areas of expertise include management of acne, pigmentation disorders, photo-aging and aging skin conditions. A well-recognized prescriptive skincare brand in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong, Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula products are available via dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medical practitioners, hospitals and retail pharmacists.

And I got really interested about this product so I did some google-ing on it!
One link which I clicked was: CozyCot Thread on TDF
I know it's a outdated thread. But still... it's the same company! And there has been recent posts!
eg. "Used TDF for a week and I can see that I have no more active pimples already...amazing!!"
posted by NoirAeC on 15 Jan 2012

So I think this product might be worth a try!
And here's something to share with those having the same problems as me!
Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula (TDF) is giving away free sample at http://www.facebook.com/TDFsg

Hurry and go get a sample for yourself!
Hopefully it will be effective on your face!

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