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CNY Goodies Shopping for my DIP Group :)

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Had dinner with Cheryl and tried the beancurd that Joyce recommended.

Hall 2 canteen new Nanny's Tau Huey!
The same stall that sells the milkcurd :)
Tried it and it was really very smooth.
But the liquid tastes like those canned soya bean milk!
Maybe cause it was a lil too sweet. 
( Other than oily stuffs, I don't like stuffs that are too sweet =P )

After dinner, I took 179 from canteen 2 bus stop to Jurong Point :)

Escalator to the market place in Jurong Point :)
Was planning on going to NTUC first to get the CNY goodies :)

All the CNY goodies were on offer!
All buy 1 get 1 free!
But they didn't look yummy :(

So I decided to go and get the Bak Kwa first.
No Kim Hock Guan there.
So no choice, next best alternative would be Bee Cheng Hiang.

Bought 600g of round chicken coins bak kwa at $28.80!

Then saw another NTUC nearby!
So I went there to see if they had other CNY goodies there.
And lucky me. I found yummier looking pineapple tarts and almond biscuit.
Original price was $12.80 but since it was on offer,
I bought both at $12.80 :)

All the stuffs I bought!
On my way back to hall :)

Bought the food that the group requested for hahas.
Actually not really the whole group requested for food.
Only Chor Seng and Jonavan =P
Ldr and I treat. So halved the cost :)

And we had our CNY "celebration" the next day!
Ate in the lab =P
The lab tech was nice and allowed us too.
And we suddenly had a funny chat about fireworks?!?
They were debating about watching fireworks on youtube or in a bubble lift.
Lols! So Joy and I were laughing like crazy.
I even whispered to her "why not watch live" hahas.
True what! What do you girls think? =P

I will prefer to watch live if I really wanted to watch fireworks.
But if really two choose one,
Actually bubble lift also okay la. 
If really can reach there at the right time to see the fireworks.
It's like watching fireworks in a hotel/on singapore flyers arr.
But the youtube one...
If my bf ever tells me that, I will laugh first.
But if he's really serious. Then I might get angry lols!

Yupp yupps so I have a really funny DIP group =P
They can randomly debate about anything hahas.

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