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The Valette @ NTU

Monday 20 February 2012

Lately all the canteens in NTU has been really full!
Maybe cause most of my lunch times are at 1230pm.
And many people had their lunch time then too.

So we had no choice but to look for another place to eat.
Raymond introduced us this place!
Remember going there once in year 1 if I'm not wrong.
(But there wasn't space for us then so I've not tried the food here before)

The Valette Bistro & Restaurant

Quite long queue.

And we realised that queue was for set meals only!
So we couldn't order ala carte food.
But oh wells!
Their set meal looks not bad :)

$6.00 Grilled Fish with Crushed Black Pepper served with Tartar Sauce Set Meal
$6.60 Roast Marinated Striploin of Beef laced with Thyme Sauce Set Meal

Haven't seen them for very very long!

Beef or Fish
Depends on which set meal you order.

I ordered the grilled fish set :)

It comes with a drink of your choice and Soup of the day :)

Eugene and I had the grilled fish set while raymond had the beef set.

Still long queues for it.

Anyways, the food was average.
But plus point for having wedges ;)

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