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One of the Few Labs I Understand!

Wednesday 29 February 2012

Yes I have to admit that some labs I don't understand at all and rely on my lab partner :(
BUT this was one which I understood! :)
It was Digital Electronic related, mainly logic gates!

All we had to do was to connect the circuits as shown in the diagrams.
And to get the correct answer for the LEDs to light up.
The diagrams just gets more and more complicated! =X
Look at the last photo. It's full of wires!

Then one of it has be to tested using the oscillator.
To show the pattern of when is hi and when is lo.
BUT this is one machine that I still do not know how to use it properly =X
Even my partner (random partner, according to alpha-order, who is non-local) don't know too!
Okays alot of us always have this idea that the non-locals are really smart.
After all, most of them are on a scholarship right?
But yes even he don't know how to use this oscillator.
So we had to call the lab tech for help!
But at least the circuits part I know how to connect properly! =P
I think DIP really did train me well lols!


I was just shopping on Forever21 and had a funny thought.
For most labs that we go to, the requirement is to wear long pants and covered shoes.
So most of us always wear jeans and shoes.
For me, I always wear jeans and flats.
What if I wear long pants that looks like this to lab:
Photo from Forever21
Do you think it will be allowed? hahahas.

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