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What kind of Singaporean are you?

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Came across "it's my turn" website due to omy! :)


So what is the website about?
It really is! hahas.

(Speak) Coffeeshop Talk: Random stuffs about Singaporeans
(Eat) Food for Thought: Singaporeans thoughts on food
(Play) It's Friday Friday: Singaporeans idea of fun
(Do) Heart Truths: How Singaporeans feel about some issues

You can also check out the events they have on their site!

And there's a quiz that you can try on the website!
It's for you to find out what kind of Singaporean you are :)
So naturally, I tried the quiz out to see how true it was! hahas.

Here's one of the questions in the quiz ;)

my results??

Quite true lehh!
Just take things as it is and let things come naturally!
And the points they state also true!
(Except the one about the baby, haven't thought about that before)

1) health-conscious
yes cause I wanna slim down hahahas 
but actually not really because of that too. 
It's just that I got used to it due to eating healthier stuffs because of my family!

2) can't live without my smartphone!
I need my internet, blogger and twitter on my phone!
I trying very very hard now to survive without data plan on my phone :(
So I just keep leeching wireless connections.
Can't wait till I get my iPhone!
iPhone 5 please be released soon!

3) chill pill!
hahas super likes the comment there!
all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!
everytime daddy asks me to study I will say I need a break,
keep studying will go crazy one. lols.
but the fact is that I keep taking breaks and didn't study =X

You guys should really try it out!
I think it's rather accurate!
At least it was for my case ;)

Also, I realised they have a couple of on-going contests!
You can take a look at the contest on their blog here.
Hope you can win yourself something too :)

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