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AUPE Multi-purpose Co-operative Limited

Wednesday 28 March 2012

Okays I have no idea what AUPE Multi-purpose Co-operative Limited does. lols.
Actually I'm there only cause daddy has to go there.
He was on half-day for work cause he had some course to attend in the morning.
So after the course he came to fetch me.
We had lunch at Cant9 :)
Then I accompanied him to this AUPE place.

Daddy :)

The AUPE Multi-purpose Co-operative Limited Building.

Had to climb the stairs. To the third floor?
Didn't see any lifts there :(

It's actually a small office. With about 6 desks?

Daddy talking to one of the person there.
He said he's there to change the amount of pay that he saves up.
So I assume that place is like a bank?
Heard the interest rate is 1% per annum.
Slightly higher than POSB I guess.

Outfit of the Day
Blazer: Agneselle
Tank Top: Cotton On
Shorts: Cotton On

After going to AUPE Multi-purpose Co-operative Limited,
it was home sweet home!
I'm the kind of person who prefer staying at home actually.
So yupps. I'm super happy to go home on the weekends :)
Weekends = Family time!
Cause that is the only time I'm home.
And also, I can't study at home cause it's always too noisy lols.
TVs and stuff hahahas.

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