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Canteen 16 Western Food!

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Went to Cant 16 for dinner with Cheryl and Kah Yan! :)
Stayed in hall for 1 year plus and I've never gone to cant16 k =X
Yes yes. I'm pure lazy. hahas.
Heard many people say the food there was nice.
But I'm just too lazy to go =P
Furtherest I've gone was cant13?
Actually cant 13 is further than cant16 lols!

The two younger ones collecting food while I sit and wait!
Someone has to look after the valuables at the table ;)
I did offer to help take the food too though :)

Our food! :)
Super hungry cause I didn't have lunch that day.
Photo taken using Cheryl's iphone.
Purpose was to tempt Fel who wasn't with us that day. lols.

Chicken cutlet with fries!
Wanted to go healthy and have grilled fish.
But they ran out of fishes that day :(
I felt the serving was super large!
I almost couldn't finish my food.
Forced myself to finish it :(

The chicken cutlet was nice,
Coleslaw was nice too (taste like KFC one),
Baked beans was the usual type,
Fries was okay (but I still prefer cant9 fries)

Maybe will go there again to try out the grilled fish :)
When I'm not feeling lazy hahas.
Or someone please drag me along if you do go there.
Usually I only go far places when ppl ask me to hahas.

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