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Make It Right For A Better Ride :)

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Buses and Trains are gonna be my next best friends once I stop staying in hall!
And of course I will want all my rides to be good and happy :)
Yes people can get tried and grumpy sometimes.
But it won't kill having a lil courtesy when taking public transport right?

Why not...
Why can't we all spread the message and be make the ride a great one for all?
Let's all be gracious commuters! :)

I can get quite pissed when there are inconsiderate people who do such things when taking public transport:
1. Crowding near the door when the train is coming. Cutting others queue so they can squeeze in faster. Then pushing and trying to make their way into the train before people even alight from the train! What if you are the one trying to get off the train? Won't you feel angry? It's like the train doors won't close before very one has board the train (except for purple line - automated)! Why are you in such a rush and have to push your way into the train? It doesn't kill even if you have to wait for the next train right? :(

2. People who refuse to move into the middle of the train.
Why can't you just move to the center of the train so more people can get in? You can still excuse your way out when you want to alight later. It's not as if people won't give way when you want to alight.

3. People who fake sleep when there is a pregnant lady or elderly near them.
Worst some just sit there as if nothing is wrong! True that the seat might not be a reserved seat (some sit on reserve seat and do such a thing too) but it does not mean that you can't give up your seat to them. What if that elderly/pregnant lady falls? Do you know how serious that would be? Imagine your wife/old parents/grandparents take a public transport and no one is willing to give up their seat. Would you want such a thing to happen? No right? So do the same for others! Give up your seats to those in need.

Remember the catchy jingle, “Train is coming, train is coming, train is coming!!!!~?”
The Graciousness on Public Transport programme is back! This time, you will read poems, reflections and calligraphies from fellow commuters on how to make our journeys more pleasant by being gracious.
"Make It Right For A Better Ride"
Those who take public transports should have seen many of the posters around :)

Let me share some here with you and at the same time share how simple it can be for you to make your public transport ride a great one!

1. Wait behind the yellow line at the side of the door
Let others alight first before boarding :)
Do not cut other's queue!

2. Give up your seats to the needy
No more fake sleeping and stuff (though some might be real), just be more considerate and give your seats to those who need it more than you do.

3. Move to the center of the trains or rear of the buses
Do not hog the whole space. Try to let as many people board as possible.
Others might be rushing as much as you are. So spare a thought for them.

So if everyone can do this simple steps, won't the ride be a pleasant one for all?

Look at these two posters!
Even kids like Yi Shien and Jia Juan knows how to make the ride a more pleasant one!
- wait patiently behind the yellow line
- no rushing and pushing
- move inside, leave more room for others to board
- offer seats to needy
- don't crowd at the door
Simple things you can do to make it right for a better ride! :)

And all's not lost hope. Look at what I found on the internet!
Photo from stomp
People actually queued to enter the MRT trains!
Good right? So we still have hope!
Though I think this might end up causing more jams =X
Maybe the train stations can come up with a better idea 
to let everyone queue properly without causing jams? :)

How about if everyone queue like this...
Just a rough idea I came up with ;)
So there won't be super long queues that will crowd the whole platform?

Let's all work hand in hand to help spread these messages (and of course doing them yourselves too) and  make it right for a better ride! What's more? Join the “Make It Right For A Better Ride” Twitter contest and stand to win a pair of movie tickets! More details at http://on.fb.me/betterride! :) Help spread the message and win something for yourself too :)

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