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Sunrise in Hall! :)

Thursday 22 March 2012

Had a quiz one of the saturdays!
So sad had to stay in hall on friday night :(
Luckily my roomie was in too! 
Else it would be even sadder :(
But we all couldn't wait to go home!

So on that saturday I woke up at 7am to revise.

Saw the sunrise!! :)

Hmm took this in my room,
with the window gauze there!
Wonder why it didn't show in the photo.
But oh wells! It's too my benefit anyways!
Hahas didn't have to walk out to take the photo!

And usually I will miss the sunrise,
even if I wake up at 6am.
But I managed to see it that day! :)
It's actually nicer, a lil reddish.
No idea why it didn't show on the photo!
But I finally saw the sunrise in hall!

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