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I'm Really Shopping Too Much!

Friday 23 March 2012

New Items!
Lols! I think you all are gonna be sick of my new items post soon =X
But I've got more coming again this week!
*this post is last week items*

4 items one of which I won't blog here cause it's a friend's birthday present ;)

Hello Kitty glasses!
Hahas. But this has a plastic lens though :(
Feel like pulling the lens out =X
And yes I wear specs actually.
So I can't wear this out too.
Only can wear it for fun,
when i want to take photos :)
BUT I'm planning to go for lasik operation!
So... I can use this in the future too! :)

A black fishtail chiffon skirt.
Will blog about it again when I wear it.
I wonder when though :(
It's not something that I can wear out often!
Okays if by april I don't wear this clothes out,
I will just take photos of it at home!

New hairclips!
Bought on gmarket!
Planning on buying more :)
The seller was really nice.
Placed it in a neat plastic bag,
and still bubble wrap it!
I used one of it already.
You all will be seeing photos of it soon :)

That's all I received last saturday (17march) :)

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