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The Search For Hunger Games With Sis!

Sunday 25 March 2012

Went out with one of my sisters!
She wanted to get the hunger games poker from Cathay's Sandwich Bar.

Photo with sister on the bus!
On our way to the MRT station.

At the MRT Station :)

On the train :)
Photo taken using sis's iphone!

1st stop: Plaza Singapura!

Same slippers!

Sis will very hungry.
So she went to get a drink at each a cup.

Saw this boy with a bicycle in plaza sing! Lols!
Think he just bought it from carrefour.
Cute right? He couldn't wait to ride it i guess :)

Speaking of cute!
There a really cute game on facebook!
Dettol Flippy & Hoofy's Clean Quest!

Now, back to our trip ;)
Sis and I decided to go to Daiso to get some tibits first!

Getting the trolley and basket.

Yummy jap tidbits! :)

Our buys :)

2nd stop: The Cathay

Huge The Hunger Games Poster!

Straight to the Cinema area!

Wore my new hairclip out that day.
Blogged about the buy here previously :)

Reached the sandwich bar.
BUT they said they didn't have that poker cards promotion! :(
So sis and I decided to go to another outlet.

3rd stop: Cathay Cineleisure

Reaching soon! :)

Sis who can't wait to get her poker cards!

Cathay Cine!

Movie posters!
Both sis's fav!
The Hunger Games and Beauty and the Beast 3D!
You can read more about the Beauty and the Beast 3D here :)
Childhood fairytale love story ♥
Sis love it so much cause she worked under Beauty and the Beast
when she was working in Disney World last time!

At the sandwich bar...
BUT they said all the poker cards were sold out already!
Ohmygoodness. A wasted trip.
And we decided to go home :(
As I have to go back to hall that day too.

Sis was really determined in getting it though.
I think she called them to check it out the next day.
And they actually had stock at plaza sing! WTF!
It was the cashier who was blur!
So she went there again and managed to get her cards.
*happy girl hahas*

But anyways.
Those who missed the poker cards,
you can check out MockingjaySG.
They sell lots of The Hunger Games merchandises in Singapore!
Sis bought lots from them too lols.

Another thing to share with you all...
Ben & Jerry is having a Free Cone Day again!
Click here to find out more :)
Enjoy your free ice-cream!

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