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Maybelline's Bloggers Event

Sunday 11 March 2012

Was invited to Maybelline's Bloggers Event! :)
It was a brunch event and they were going to release 4 new Maybelline products!
We are the first in Singapore to try it out!

It was held at Orchard Central!
Daddy drove me there cause I was gonna be late =X
But ended up there was a traffic jam! And I was late by around 10mins :(
I think I reached around 11:11? hahas.

At the entrance of Orchard Central :)

At B2!

Reached there, saw the sign and I was like "where is the entrance?!"
Lols then I realised that it was behind!

Found the entrance hahahas!
Zoe was at the counter :) She could recognise me! :)

We were asked to sign the board :)
I can't write properly on a board like this!
Sorry for the ugly handwriting :(

The mini poster at my seat :)
One of the new product at the launch today!

The interior design in Covelli :)

A very cozy place. But bad lighting.
My cui camera can't capture photos clearly :(

Avril welcoming us and telling us the program for that day :)

1) Casual Wear Fashion Show Sponsored by Love, Bonito!

The models where waiting outside :)

All 8 outfits! :)

Did you all realised one thing?
All these models only had makeup done on half of their face!
(their right side, photo's left side)
This was to show us how makeup can make a difference!
Making eyes larger, brighter, etc :)

2) Intro to the 4 new Maybelline Products by a Makeup Artist

The makeup artist introducing the new mascara to us :)

So what were the 4 new products that day?

Jelly Glow Blush
This blush is unlike those normal powdered blush!
It has a soft unique feel to it, not powdery at all.
Had a bouncy and squishy feel to it :)

BB White
Tried it out there and it actually blends rather well :)
And the best thing? It has 50SPF and is anti UV!
Suitable for those sporty people who are always out in the sun :)

Volum’ Express Magnum Ultra Comb Waterproof Mascara
This mascara is super unique!
Usually mascaras have a plastic bristle brush.
But this has a rubber brush!
When apply, you don't even have to do the zig-zag motion!
Just from roots to tips will do :) Easy and convenient right?

Masterliner White
Creamy Crayon white liner that is  :)
Have you always wanted bigger eyes?
All you have to do is apply a white liner at your waterline!

How to (by Larry Yeo, local renownedmakeup artist): 
Use a cotton bud to remove excess tears from your waterline, 
softly glide a first layer upon thewaterline. 
Glide on a second layer to bring out a clearer visibly bigger eye!

All the bloggers mingling and doing their work (taking photos, etc)

3) Lunch time!

Photos while waiting for my food to come :)

Potato soup! Nice! For those who loves potato as much as I do :)

Chose chicken instead of pasta as the main course.
But the chicken serving was super small (alot small than pasta).
And the portion which I got was super small lols! Compare mine to Mel's! hahas.
Fawn and Mel were saying that the portion that I got was super small too.
And Mel was super nice to ask if I wanted more :)
Luckily I had breakfast that day. So when the food came, I wasn't really hungry :)

Strawberry Shortcake as dessert :)
Nice but super sweet so I didn't finish it :(

4) Mas the illustrator

Remember the board I signed earlier?
It was drawn by Mas! :)

Mas telling us the idea behind what he drew.
If you look at the board, there's actually the new products there!
And he added colour to the BB White at the end of his speech :)

5) Formal Wear Fashion Show Sponsored by Love, Bonito!

All 8 Outfits! :)
And I love the turquoise maxi dress!

Here all the models had full makeup on!
Mel's taking photos of her friend, Shine, who was one of the models that day :)

That was all for that day :)
Then it was camwhoring time! ;)

Everyone going around taking photos :)

Photo taken from Melissa's blog ;)
Photo with the girls sitting near me :)

And Felicia and Fawn are both from NTU!
Hope we will still recognise each other in school ;)
There's so many people in school so usually when I'm walking,
I can't recognise ppl around me (yes I'm quite blur) :(
So if the both of you see me, must call me k! :)

The goodie bags for all who attended the event :)

My goodie bag :)

Outfit of The Day
Cardigan: The Tinsel Rack
Tank Top: Cotton On
Shorts: Cotton On
Flats: Anna Nucci

All the new products in the goodie bag! :)

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