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The Avengers with Dippies!

Saturday 19 May 2012

Haven't went to the cinemas for a really long time!
Can't even remember how long it was since I last went to the cinemas.

A photo with Joy before the movie :)

The movie was a treat by Jonavan!
Wanted to return him he money but he didn't want to take!
We watched The Avengers in The Cathay - The Grand Cathay cinema.
Didn't watch all the heroes past individual movies.
Only watched Iron Man. The guys said Thor was nice. Maybe I should watch it :)
And The Avengers was really nice! Action + Comedy.
Loved the Comedy scenes hahahas!

One of the comedy scenes below :)
(NOTE: SPOILER those who havent watch please skip this picture and the video below)
photo from 9gag

And those who have watched the video, do you know there are secret scenes?
Those who haven't watched (don't watch the video below) but you 
MUST watch till the end when you watch the movie in the cinemas.
As long as the light of the cinema haven't light up, don't leave!
There is a secret scene behind :) 

 At the end of the movie, can't remember if it was halfway through the credits or right before the credits, a scene into deep space appeared. And there were two figures having a conversation, saying that Loki was defeated by The Avengers and they want to challenge them (or something appeared along that line). That figure whom said that actually appeared at the start of the movie - the one who gave Loki his alien army to use on the Earth. And from what I found online, that figure was credited as "The Other". And there's another figure whom "The Other" was talking to. Had no idea whom he was. So I searched online and it's actually the lantern-jawed Marvel villain Thanos. 

 And another secret scene! I read online and people said that it's supposed to be after the credits. 
BUT there wasn't anything after the credits in The Cathay. 
I saw this scene before watching the movie and didn't understand it initially. 
But understood at the end of the movie ;) 
It's said that this scene was filmed only a few weeks ago on the night of the movie's official premier.  After the team of Iron Man, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Thor has wrapped up their business of saving the world and all, they all head off for a bite to eat at a good shawarma restaurant that Tony Stark recommended.

Here's the scene!

And last thing about The Avengers...
photo from facebook
Cute right? :)

After the movie, we went to have dinner nearby!
I forgot the shop name. But the guys seems to quite like that shop's chicken rice.
They recommended that place :)
It's the chicken rice stall next to rochor original beancurd.

The guys.

CS used my camera to take unglams! :(
And threatened me not to delete any else the next outing he will bring his camera out.
It's ok if he bring his camera out. BUT problem is he dun QC one. lols.
So for this album there were loads of unglams inside and I posted without QC-ing :(

Group photo without CS (cause he was the photographer)

CS and TR. Kept trying to take CS unglams LOLS.
Actually got some unglams. But I didn't post them here =P
He say cannot QC facebook. Didn't say cannot QC blog hahahas!
And I just don't like posting unglams :( Like very bad like that.
Cause everyone wants their image one. Cannot anyhow post.

Waiting for all the food to arrive :)

I was feeling full that day. So didn't really eat much.
Okays I didn't eat any rice there at all BUT I had beehoon for lunch!

Photos of the guys eating!
And after dinner we all went home :)

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