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DIP Competition Day! :)

Sunday 20 May 2012

The finale for DIP!
It was the day of competition + presentation to moderator!

Our group's baby! ;)

Our four presenters presenting to our moderator!

Everyone paying attention!
The moderator didn't turn back at all.
So I was reading our group report + taking photos! lols!

Doing a demo to the moderator.
Red light of LED is on means it's charging!

Each of the sub groups explaning our parts to the moderator.
And CS was complaining that the moderator only smile at the girls LOLS!
CS, Joy and I were in the same sub group. And when Joy and I were presenting, the prof was smiling.
And CS say the moment he talk, the prof stopped smiling. LOLS!
I didn't notice that though. Thought he was smiling throughout. Think they just joking ba.

Photo with Joy

Our sub group report! :)
We are the Light Sensor team which later became the Solar Charge Controller team! hahas.

The guys doing some edits to the slides :)
Then we went for lunch!
And I had no appetite again :(
Couldn't finish the chicken rice I ordered.

Mocha chocolate ice blended to wake us up.
I don't drink coffee normally. Only drink it when I need to.
But Joy wanted to share and she needed something with caffeine so we got this.
It was still ok as the mocha taste wasn't too strong :)

Photo with our drink?
Compare with the photo earlier.
Do we look more awake? hahas!
Only slept for an hour plus the previous night :(
Was making edits to our sub group report.

Someone suggested we take photos like this!
After that someone entered the lift so no nice photos already :(
And... we almost forgot to exit the lift LOLS! Too engrossed in taking the photo till when we reached the level we were supposed to go to, that guy in the lift exit (thinking that we want to go out) but we didn't realised that hahas!

Rest after lunch! The guys were playing! hahas.
Sam, KS and CS were very chilled when playing.
Only Jonavan keep talking to himself LOLS!

Then the presenters did one last rehearsal :) And...

The tired ones were sleeping!

After the final presentation to the judges for our competition...

The guys wanted to take photos :)

And I've got no idea what TR was doing hahas!

Realised Jonavan is in the previous few photos above? Cause he wanted to take photo with everyone :)

And of course Joy and I went around taking photos with everyone too :)
Joy used her phone and I used my camera :)
No idea why she didn't want to use my camera lols.

With Chor Seng

With Yong Jian

With Kah Wei

With Yong Qiang

With Kai Sen

With Tian Rui

With Sam

With Joy

See Sam in the first photo? hahas!

KS and CS "bullying" Sam hahas!
The guys always play around like this one.

Our group photo!

Photo with the friendly lab tech Fauzi
He said we are the most lively group he's ever seen!
And I think he also meant noisy LOLS!
Cause our group is always full of laughter and noise one!

Photo with our supervisor (not everyone cause some left)

Outfit of The Day
Tank Top: Cotton On
Skirt: G2000
Blazer: Agneselle
That skirt is mummy's! It was too loose for me. So I used a belt!
And how do I look in formal wear?
Someone couldn't recognise me and didn't dare talk to me! hahahas!

Then it was...

Celebration at Swensen's!

More photos there :)

Photo with Joy while waiting for the food to come.

Sleeping point in Jurong Point? hahas.

Finally the food came :)
I had fish and chips.
I still wasn't hungryand luckily the guys were there!
They can help me finish the fries :)

Good news while we were having our dinner!
We were ranked 2nd out of 7 groups! :)

Ending this post with a final photo (which was protected by most of the guys)...

A super funny shot KW took! Hahas. 
Sam looks like he was hitting himself.
Jonavan's expression looks exactly like the bitch please face!
And Jonavan was trying to take the camera from me so he could delete this photos.
Luckily the guys helped me hahahas!

That's all! Really glad to have joined this group!
They are a whole bunch of really nice and friendly peeps :)

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