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Mother's Day 2012! :)

Thursday 24 May 2012

Okays I haven't been blogging :(
Lots of photos piled up on my desktop already!
Been really busy these few days!


Now let's back track a lil to mother's day!
Flowers sisters and I bought for grandma and mummy!

And of course I have to camwhore with the bouquets right? hahas!

Mummy with her new bag (a present from us) and rose bouquet!
I know mummy loves all of us a lot (even though she don't say that).
I remembered when I first broke up with my ex, mummy came to check on me every night to make sure I was fine. And recently when I didn't feel well, she was very worried too and she herself end up  falling sick and the doctors said it was due to stress :(

Grandma with her carnation bouquet!
She's like a mother to me too! So every year sisters and I would surely get her a mother's day gift.
My paternal grandparents live with us. So ever since young, when daddy and mummy are working,
my paternal grandparents are the ones who looked after us.
I'm very much the pampered one by my grandma since young cause I'm her eldest grandchild.
When I stayed in hall, she insisted on accompanying us to hall to help clean up cause she's worried that we will not clean it properly and will leave dust around (and I have very sensitive skin).
And every week when I go home, she will make sure that she cook the food that I like!
And all the nutritional food as she's worried that I will not eat well when staying in hall.
(My family knows I'm the lazy type who would rather skip meals than to go buy food lols)


Actually both were supposed to be carnation bouquets! One red and another hot pink!
But the shop had a mix up and sold my hot pink bouquet to someone else! :(
Then they gave me a rose bouquet instead. As I was in a rush that day, I just accepted that.
So that's all for mother's day :)

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