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Updates Again! Week 2 and 3! :)

Tuesday 17 July 2012

OMG! I just realised I haven't been blogging for very very long!
Have tons of travelogues to do but I just can't find time to organise the photos and stuff now :(

Okays here are some updates! For Week 2 and 3!

We went to UCLA gym! Their gym is huge!
And I didn't know the distance shown on their machine was in miles.
So two things happened...
1. I was wondering why running at 5km/h was so fast for me.
2. Why I took 18mins to run 2km!
But... It's actually 5mph = 8kmph and 2miles = 3.2km!

Girls night out! :)
After exercising we had a sinful meal.
Mr.Noodle :) Love their murukku, fried tofu and pad thai there! Yummy!
Their green curry was ok too. But...
Their chicken rice was bleah :(
And my instagram photo order is wrong.
It's mr.noodle for dinner then ihop for breakfast the next day.
But the next day after uploading ihop then i remembered mr.noodle one wasn't uploaded.

Ihop for breakfast!
This was on independence day!
Yummy breakfast before shopping at the outlet :)

And it was fireworks at night! :)

Then it was an early surprise birthday celebration for weida! :)
His birthday is on 6th but we celebrated on the 5th cause we were going to San Diego the next day.
But anyways when we celebrated it was 6th for SG time already :)

San Diego Zoo!

Saw lots of animals that day :)
And we had a yummy dinner at The Cheesecake Factory that night!

Mission Beach in San Diego! :)
It was super super cold there!

Seaworld San Diego!

And we watched The Amazing Spider-Man on one of the nights!
10.40pm show! Reached back our place past midnight!

Our apartment is full of shoppers!
Midvale FTW! hahas. Abercrombie shopping!
4 of us (Joy, Weida, Jasper and I) spent $596.05 excluding tax! lols.
Amelia herself spent $200+!

Joy and I baked oreo cheesecake! :)
First time baking! Usually I do the chilled cheesecake one.
No oven at home. Daddy should buy one soon!

Nongshim Party!
7 packets of Nongshim cooked!

One fine day we slept on the grass in school!
Hahas! Something you can't do in SG!

Ice Cream after school! $1 only :)

Last friday we went to Six Flags! It was awesome!
Haven't screamed (the scared ahhhhhh type of screaming) in theme park for very long already. lols.
Even for Busch Garden I didn't scream at all :) Was woohooo-ing all the way.
But the first two rides in this theme park made me scream! lols!

Yesterday (Sunday) was beach time! :)
We went to Venice Beach!
Sun tanning. I still don't look dark though.
Think my sunblock very pro hahahahas!
And I was glittering the whole day like a vampire under the sun.
Cause I used Burt Bee's moisturizer. Love that moisturizer.
Gonna buy more bottles back to SG! hahas =P

That's all for the updates.
I know it's Tuesday in SG now.
But it's still Monday for me here in LA!
And as usual all instagrams. You can follow me @tanhuiping :)

Okays I'm gonna go bath and nap for awhile.
Then I'm gonna try schedule a few post today if possible!
Have to settle all my birthday posts! 
It's been one and a half months since my birthday already!

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