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Updates from Los Angeles Week 1 :)

Tuesday 3 July 2012

I just finish fighting stars wars! lols!
It's what we called our NTU course registration =P
Cause it's on Stars Planner and it's like a war! Fastest fingers first! And I got everything I wanted :)

For us stars wars started at 9.30am SG time (6.30pm LA time).
Didn't manage to get everything that I wanted then.
But guess what? Cause we are overseas, they extended our course registration timing!
So for the 1.30pm SG time slot, they will open up new slots and we could add before everyone else could! MUAHAHAHAHAS! *evil laughter* lols.

Updates again :)
I just came back from Las Vegas over the weekends.
Left on Friday and came back on Sunday.
Vegas was nice! BUT the weather was damn hot and the air had lots of smoke and dust.
Could felt it was really dry there :(

Nonetheless, here are my instagrams!

Here's what I did at the airport! MCO's free wireless is fast! hahas.
It's a collage of some of my disney photo pass photos :)

On plane 1 towards Miami (transit) :)
Had to take two planes from Orlando to Los Angeles.
American Airlines! It's not bad cause seating is fixed!
And I was able to check in using the Disney World transport!
So I left my Disney hotel without any luggage =P

On plane 2 towards Los Angeles :)
Requested for windows seats when I was buying my tickets.
And was luckily both flights were window seats!

Day 2 in Los Angeles and we had lunch at In-N-Out!
It's near our apartment ;) Just a short walk.

First day in school! Blogged about this before.
UCLA is such a pretty place! Flowers everywhere.

And one of the days we had chinese food in school!
Panda Express :)

And one of the nights we had asian food for dinner!
Fried rice, Pad thai, Ramen and Kuay Tiao (i think) lols.

Breakfast that Joy and I made for everyone!
Joy cut the mushrooms while I cut the sausage (hot dog).
Then I had to fry them and apply the pasta base of the bread.
And help joy place the sausage and mushrooms and cheese onto the bread.
And place the bread into the oven :)
Joy had wanted to place the mushroom then apply the pasta lols!

And the first weekend was spent in Las Vegas!
This is a photo collage of our helicopter ride in Grand Canyon :)

This was what we had to do to Joy's chocolate.
Place it in the aircon of the car! lols.
Cause the weather in Las Vegas is crazy! Super hot and all the choco melted.

And that's all for today! Got to go do my assignment now! Must submit tomorrow!

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