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Saturday 17 November 2012

Saw the Instagram prints above?
No you are not seeing things!
You can now get your own Instagram prints from Portagram!
So what is Portagram?

"Portagram is an online site which specializes in printing quality instagram products. Using only the finest materials, they create top-notch products at an affordable price. Printed on vintage-esque paper, they bring the nostalgia right back into your hands."

Pretty instagram prints which you can use as a decoration or simply as a bookmark!
above images all from portagram

Tip: How about using it to create a unique christmas card for your friends? Since christmas is around the corner and no one said you cannot have repeated prints ;) All you have to do is to upload the photo onto instagram, use Portagram to order the prints, and after you receive it you can write a personal note behind the photo for each of your friends!

Portagram is Singapore-based and for $6 you can get yourself twelve 3" x 3" prints!
Here's how you can easily get your good ol' photo prints!

1. Go to www.portagram.com and login using instagram
No need to worry about losing your password or anything, it's actually just to login into Instagram site then allowing your Instagram to be accessed by Portagram. So it's 100% safe! :)

2. Choose your photos
After you've allowed Portagram to access your Instagram, you can start choosing your photos!
Minimum quantity is one roll = 12 prints = $6 :)

3. Decide if you want to add a new roll or to checkout
If one roll isn't enough for you, just add a new roll! :)

For me, twelve prints wasn't enough #greedygirl so here's 24 prints, one sponsored, one bought! :)
At the end of choosing all your photos, if you decide that you want to replace some photos, you can click on them to remove them then click on the new photos you want to insert in. Also, if you think that you do not need as many rolls as you have clicked, you can easily delete a row by clicking the cross button as shown above.

4. Fill up your delivery details and place your order
Payment will be made through PayPal :)
Then all you have to do is to wait for your prints to arrive in your mailbox in 3-5 working days!
You can check you status order clicking on the "orders" tab after login.

So I order mine on Monday night and received them on Friday!
Love their air mail envelopes and also how they are neatly packed :)

Most importantly, love the prints!
(though them make me miss USA all over again) 
They really do bring back memories!

Those with sharp eyes, did you realize that there is a coupon code line in delivery details photo above?
Love to have your own instagram prints but want a discount at the same time?
Like Portagram on their facebook!
Then you will be able to find a 30% discount code there!
Hurry cause this offer is only for friends and family and it can only be used for 50 times ;)

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