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[Review] SKINC Pure Happy Hand Dew

Monday 19 November 2012

SKINC Pure Happy Hand Dew
Experience a new boost of moisture to relieve dryness. This encapsulated and non-sticky formula fills lines and wrinkles to create a "plump" look. Your hands will be more supple and velvety to the touch instantly.

This is super true! I have tested it out =P
Really love this product cause it's NOT STICKY AT ALL!

I really need this product cause I don't like sticky stuffs,
so I haven't been using moisturizers on my hands. Thus my hands have lots of lines! :(
I think last there there wasn't so much lines one but after washing the dishes in the states it got worst.
Scenario: After dinner, usually everything will be left at the sink!
Usually it's me, jasper, weida and joy who does the washing.
I don't even wash dishes at home okay! See how independent I became!
And sadly, there were no gloves :( So chemicals, chemicals and more chemicals :(

Back to the topic - now it's time to solve the problem! :(
And ladies out there. If you do wash dishes at home, 
If you are like me and hate creams, then buy a SKINC Pure Happy Hand Dew!
You definitely won't regret doing so (P.S I'm not even paid by them to do any advertorial)
Update: Used this product for a few weeks and my hands became smoother! yay!

Don't believe me how non-sticky it is?

Please ignore the lines I know there's alot :(
Focus on the dew okays.
It's somewhat liquid-gel so it won't cause a mess when used.
Look at how it seem like a gel when I squeezed it out from the tube.
Then it slowly becomes a liquid (as shown in the second photo)
And when I rub it between my hands, it looks totally like a liquid.
After rubbing it a lil more, it will get absorbed into the skin.
(not sure if you can see the specks of water in the third photo)
So it is non-sticky unlike those usual hand creams in the market!

How to use:
Apply product onto hands and massage.
Use as often as desired.

I use it when I go to bed.
Cause then I know I will not use my hands to touch any food.
And also cause I sleep with air-condition every night, it tends to dry my hands.
I always make sure it is applied everywhere on my hands (even between my fingers).

0% Paraben
It has always been sad that paraben are bad cause they will cause irritions to sensitive skin etc.
So this product will be suitable even for sensitive skin!

Hope this review is useful for you all :)

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