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Florida Day 4

Monday 17 December 2012

I left Orlando and came to Tampa for a day! :)
On the day I bought the ticket then I realised they don't have free shuttle at my hotel!
There was supposed to be a free shuttle ride at my hotel but not sure what happened that day.
Had to take a cab out to elsewhere to take the shuttle. Luckily the cab ride was only $10.

Joy needed a break from all the theme parks so Amelia accompanied her to Wet n Wild while I continued the initial plan to come to Busch Gardens! :) Sis say it's a fun place so it was in our itinerary. I still prefer theme parks to water parks (now that I'm no longer as scared of roller coaster rides) :)

Anyways, it's roller coaster madness time at
Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

map from seaworldparks

A couple of rides were close that day though.
I won't have enough time to take all the rides anyways.
Cause the bus leaves at 7pm! The whole bus ride from Orlando to Tampa was close to 2hours.
Shuttle is free with every paid Busch Gardens ticket.

The whole place is like a zoo + theme park together!
Lots of animals there :)

Reached there when the theme park just opened at 10am!
This explains why the park is so empty hahas.

Do note: The lockers in this park are not free for use. 
So remember to bring quarters for your lockers!

I used the single use locker which cost 50cents per use (so you need 2 quarters each time).
They have all-day lockers too but I'm not sure how much it cost.
I only paid around $1.50 for the lockers (used it at 3 different locations).
What I did was to put my things in one locker (nearest to my first ride),
then take a couple of rides till around noon when I wanted to rest then I went back to take my stuffs.
And before taking the next ride after my rest, I put my stuffs into the nearest locker I can find.
I tried to clear area by area :) So I won't have to walk too far back for my stuffs!
This is also the reason why my photos weren't taken in order cause I only took photos during breaks.

Went straight to

1. Kumba
Went straight to the ride at the end of the park!
No queues at all! After taking this ride, I realised that the park became alot more crowded!

Then I went all the way to the rides near the entrance
and slowly took rides till I went back to Kumba area again.
So I went to

2. Gwazi 
I took Tiger cause Lion was closed.
Think it's supposed to be like battlestar too? Where the Lion vs the Tiger?
Not sure which was the scarier ride though.
Tiger wasn't scary at all. I sat on the front row cause I saw kids sitting in the front row too!
Just a very different feel cause it is a wooden roller coaster ride!

3. Cheetah Hunt
This ride is FAST! While queuing up for the ride their is this repeated announcement about how this ride works. Something about the use of magnetism and stuff so the speed can increase to a very high speed immediately! It is like you sit down, when all checks are done it will move to the waiting line, you won't know when it will just suddenly zoom off! If I didn't remember wrongly, I screamed when it zoomed off lols. But after that it was all the "woohoo!" and stuff cause it was a very fast and nice feeling!

Then I went to

4. Montu
Just a normal roller coaster ride with 360degree loop if I didn't remember wrongly.

Then I went to

5. Scorpion
Another usual roller coaster ride with 360degree loop.

6. SandSerpent
No photos of this ride. But I think it was a kiddy ride with no loops but flat platforms and sharp turns.

Saw this ride Phoenix but didn't want to take this.
The previous time I took this ride at escape theme park I almost puked!
But that was cause I took it two times consecutively hahas.

Then I decided to have a break so I went back to the locker, took my stuffs,
and walked around to take those photos posted above.

I came across this shop! They do personalized wooden blocks in Timbuktu!
Took a photo and whatsapp sis if they wanted one and asked them what colours they wanted :)
Mine was in pink, bin's in orange, ling's in blue. Come to think of it, I have no idea where I kept mine!

Came across this hair wraps stall Egypt!
That lady there was very nice as she was willing to custom make one for me.
So I could choose my own colours and beads instead of the ones on display there :)
I didn't want it to be tied to my hair. Was planning on tying it my hair tie.
So I didn't have to wait for her to complete it. I could go take other rides first!

Do note: The above two things which I ordered takes awhile to be made. 
So if you are keen in ordering one when you are there, 
do order early and not when you are about to leave the park!

While waiting for all these to be done, I went to take another ride.
I went to
and also placed my stuffs into the locker there :)

7. Sheikra
Another ride which I love!
Had planned to take this ride before the break I had earlier.
But this ride broke down and was being repaired :(
This is my another favorite ride in the park!
Sis said this ride and cheetah hunt was her favorite rides and they were my favorites too!
I got a lil courageous and sat on the first row (though no kids were sitting on the first row).
The cute caucasian guy sitting next to was asking me if I took this ride before so I told him no and he told me I will love this ride. I really did loved this ride! No regrets sitting on the front row at all!
It was really fun + scary sitting on the first row for this ride!
After the ride he even asked if I found the ride fun and I was like yea!
I really like this ride okay. Not because that cute caucasian talked to me =P
If you look at the photos above (the top right photo), the ride will pause there when it reaches that point! Something which I didn't know before the ride. So your feet will really be hanging in the air.
If you are sitting in the front row, the angle tilted will be larger plus you get to see the full view!

After I took this ride there was lightning warnings :(
So all outdoor rides were closed and I collected my stuffs and walked around again.
Collected the wooden names first cause they were ready in 20-30minutes.

Strolled around the area :) Too bad the Kangaroos so happen to be having a break or something.

Collected my hair wrap in Egypt too! :)

Continued walking around as outdoor rides were still closed :(
Btw, there wasn't any indoor rides there! So basically all rides were closed!
Even the train rides!

Finally when the lightning warnings were gone, I took the train ride!
You can choose to board or alight at any stations you want.
If I remembered correctly, I only took this ride for two stations. Was short of time =P

Then for the finales - the water rides!
Photos below were taken after both rides cause I placed my stuffs in the locker and take both rides first.

8. Stanley Falls Flume
A two seater ride. I sat with another lady :)
Saw people getting drenches by this ride.
But both of us didn't get really wet after this ride.

9. Tanganyika Tidal Wave
Another boat style ride. But it's a bigger wooden boat.
So it's like a couple of rows and a few people in each row.
This is the ultimate wet ride! Look at the splash created by the boat!
Whoever is standing on the bridge will get soaked wet.

Some mass dance was going on in Busch Gardens too :)

Then while walking around, trying to change quarters for my coin machine, I saw Elmo and Birdie!
Took a photo with them, continued looking for a place to change the coins I needed, got my melted penny from the coin machine and headed to the bus stop :)

That was all for the day! I've been really daring and courageous in USA! =P

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