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[Review] Sunplay Skin Aqua

Sunday 16 December 2012

I love the sun! You need the sun to take super pretty and natural looking photos. 
Look at how pretty were my photos taken in the states cause the sun there is super sunny!

BUT I hate the tan lines it gives me (tan is fine if it is even) :( It does not help when sunscreens are all so greasy/oily! I hate greasy products! (Those who follows my blog will know that) This was the reason why I was very lazy reluctant to apply sunscreen while I was in the states a few months ago. I always wear long sleeves to protect my body and arms from the sun. And...
Look at what happened to my legs!!! I hated that tan line but I still refuse to apply sunscreen daily when I go out (only occasionally like when I have trips to the beach), just because that sunscreen that I have with me was too greasy. Sadly that was the only one I could get hold of easily at that time. Now I hide at home everyday hoping that my tan lines will go away :(

Tired of greasy, strong-smelling sunscreen just like I do? 
Something is here to the rescue! :)

Sunplay SKIN Aqua 
UV Moisture Milk SPF50 PA+++

Skin Aqua has Solarex-3, a revolutionary formula with 3 comprehensive levels of UV defense. 
It protects skin from surface to deep within for long hours. Super hydrating too!
The New Generation Solarex-3 (3-in-1 Sun Protection)
1) Long Lasting, Superior UV Protection: Advanced photo-stability with the highest UVA & UVB protection for long periods of safe sun exposure. UV rays are reflected away like from a mirror.
2) UV Anti-Aging Protection: Two powerful anti-aging ingredients, RonaCare Exotin and French Golden Algae, help to prevent pigmentation and wrinkles from surface to deep within.
3) Intense Hydration (Dryness Protection): Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen & Vitamin E intensely hydrate and lock-in moisture for long hours, so skin stays refreshingly moist.

Here is the directions of use and list of ingredients.
Tip: You can also use this as a make-up primer. It leaves a matt finish :)

Now you might be thinking "so what? most sunscreens can do that too". True.
So I brought it out for a test! I went to swim play in the pool that day and gave this new sunscreen a try.

Test for: Smooth Texture? Passed!
Looking at photo 1, Skin Aqua is a smooth liquid! The downside is that it might make a lil mess since it is a liquid. But you have to apply it everywhere anyways right? Plus I don't think it was that messy when using it. It is true that liquid flows but all you need to do is to pour it onto your palm then apply it to where you want to apply it on :) Also it feels really light. I don't feel like there was anything on my skin after it is fully absorbed into my skin.

Test for: Non-Greasy? Passed!
You might think that it looks greasy after looking at photo 2. Actually in the first place it wasn't greasy at all. It was more like reflections from the liquid. If you continue looking at the next few photos, after you spread the sunscreen out (as shown in photo 3), there are lesser reflections (that is because the liquid is spread out). After the sunscreen is absorbed by the skin (photo 4), there are no more reflections at all and it leaves a smooth and matt finish on your skin :) I can apply many layers without feeling greasy at all!

Test for: No White Cast? Passed!
Before spreading the sunscreen out, you can see the white liquid (photo 2). However, after spreading the sunscreen out (photo 3), you can see that there is no more white cast!

I love this sunscreen to bits! It is indeed ultra light, absorbs quickly by the skin without leaving a white cast, and most importantly it is non-greasy at all! This sunscreen is definitely gonna be my new love and my savior. How I wish I received this before my trip to the States. It would have saved my legs from the tan. But it's never too late to know that there is such a product now! Time say goodbye to tans and have fun in the sun! :)


Skin Aqua is fragrance, color, alcohol and oil free, and suitable for all skin types! Good right?
Want one? SUNPLAY Skin Aqua range is available at Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Unity and other major department stores. You can also pop by their facebook page when you are free, they have some free samples there for redemption too!

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