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January Vanity Trove Unveiled!

Monday 24 December 2012

Beautiful surprises every month! :) The first edition of Vanity Trove 2013 is here!
I received my January Vanity Trove from Camy's brother.
Thought he looked familiar though. But nvm my friends say I always think people look alike one.
And true enough I always mix up names and faces when I first meet a whole group of new people!
But sometimes I really remember correctly one! Like the recent Zoe Raymond saga thingy.
Read my friend's blogpost about Yuki and Alvin and I was like "OMG that Alvin looks so familiar like I've seen him somewhere" (before knowing who the 3rd party was) and it appears that I've really "seen" him before - in photos hahahas! Anyways, I sidetracked too much.

Here is my
January Vanity Trove!


Instead of the usual card that they have to list their products in their box, Vanity Trove now have a super cute Vanity Catalogue in each Trove :) The best thing I love about these catalogues is that they have little beauty tips inside! And of course all the discount codes are stated inside too. I'm gonna be nice and share with all of you the first issue of the Vanity Catalogue here. It's a e-catalogue. Want the next few issues? Subscribe to a Vanity Trove subscription yourself! ;)

Vanity Trove is running a little giveaway now. Those who subscribe to 3,6 or 12 months before 31 Dec will stand a chance to win awesome goodies from Goldheart, Ujene and VanityTrove!
Be the lucky 5 to receive a MODE TRES BLEU pendant worth $758 each by purchasing 1-year subscription of Vanity Trove! It's so pretty I want one too!


That's all for this post. Will review the items and maybe come up with a tutorial very soon.
For those who loves surprises, subscription for February Vanity Trove have started here at $25! :)
Merry Christmas Eve to all of you! :)

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