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Florida Day 6

Sunday 23 December 2012

So in the morning we checked out of Hampton Inn,
went back to the outlet at Vineland to do more shopping,
went out to do some shopping at Walgreens near Hampton Inn,
(so Joy and I can buy our new luggages)
then took a cab to our next hotel!

Disney's All Stars Music Resort
map from wdwinfo.com

Our hotel room! :)
Sis said that we have to experience staying in Disney hotel.
So we heed her advice and stayed there :)
Pretty pretty room and they even have ironing board and iron there!

Disney's All-Star Music Resort
1801 West Buena Vista Drive, Orlando, FL 32830
6 nights - USD835.27 for 3 people

Here's how the corridors look like together with the cute lil bunny :)

Camwhore in the room hahas.
And cute mickey shaped towels on the bed :)

Then Joy and I had to get our new luggages!
Second one for the trip hahas (US-SG can have 2 x 23kg luggages)
So we googled for Walmart and asked for directions out of Disney.

Took a bus out to Walmart! Can't remember the exact one we went to. 
But it's the stop after you spot a white castle (that was what the driver told us hahas).

There was actually quite a limited choice of luggages there.
So Joy got the red one and I got the black one.
That was one of the few huge 4 wheels spinner luggages they have there.
It was an American Tourister 27" and cost $87 before tax :)

Had a hard time looking for a cab!
One of the cashiers gave us a cab number to call but it can't go through.
Then Joy went to look for the info counter to ask for other cab numbers.
We were waiting and waiting and finally after like 30mins-45mins, the cab finally came!
And we made it back to our hotel safely :)

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