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[Review] Neogence Pore Series

Saturday 22 December 2012

Here's something to help solve your pore problems!

This product has a slightly more sticky feel to it.
But when it dries up, it won't feel as sticky anymore.

Received this product (deluxe sample size) in my November Vanity Trove too!

Of course there are other products in Neogence's Pore Series.
But these are the ones I received during the Neogence PR Event,
together with a exfoliate from their deep cleansing series.
You can take a look at other products on my Neogence PR Event post here :)

Aren't you keen on knowing how you can make use of these products? ;)

Tip to effectively clean your pores (nose area):
(told to me by Camy from Vanity Trove)
1. Apply the Extremely Off-Heads Serum on your nose area, massage it and wait for it to dry.
Important: It has to dry first. Else your pore strip won't work (mine didn't work when it was wet)

2. Use a nose strip on your nose. Remove the nose strip after the indicated time on the package.
The amount of dirt that came off my nose. Usually I could see alot of whiteheads on my nose before using the nose strip but it was never effective! Wasn't able to remove all those whiteheads at all!
Somehow the Extremely Off-Heads Serum seems to have pushed all the dirt out of my pores.
P.S I know it's disgusting but just had to show you all how effective it was!

3. Apply the Extreme Pore-Reducing Serum (you have to tighten all your cleaned pores).

Thank you Camy for this tip! Hope it helps all of you too ♥

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