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Florida Day 7

Wednesday 2 January 2013

Random cute towel we saw in one of the rooms while we were walking.
Why so cute got eyes and star one! Ours don't have :(

Here's how the room area of All Stars Music Resort looks like.

Their swimming pool. One was in the shape of a piano and another was in the shape of a guitar!

The bus stop that brings us to all the theme parks :)

Disney's Animal Kingdom

park map from wdwinfo.com

First we collected our entrance ticket! This was needed for of next 4 days of Disney too!

DinoLand U.S.A

The type of rides that we will never take.
All three of us cannot take this type of circling rides!

a journey through the past

Character greetings

Walked around Fossil Fun Games area and also collected our Fast Pass for one of the rides!
P.S Fast Passes are super important in Disney (will talk more about it in the Disney tips post)

2. Primeval Whirl
It is a spinning coaster. 
So it's mostly flat but sharp and fast turns and a few dips here and there.

3. Finding Nemo – The Musical
We caught the one at 4.30pm. It was like full house for that show.
It's like Finding Nemo - The Movie LIVE, musical style using puppets.
(do you call those things puppets? though they are without strings?)

After the show, we walked to...


Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade
We saw lots of people by the side of the roads then realized that there was gonna be a parade!
So we stayed on and watched the full parade :)

4. Kilimanjaro Safaris
It's an open air safari vehicle ride where you can see lots of animals.
Many of which we have never ever seen before!

The iconic Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom which we never did take photo with :(
We walked past this tree like don't know how many many times!
It's the central place where you have to keep walking past to get from one area to another.

A conversation I had with sis:
Bin: Did you take a photo with the Tree of Life?
Me: Huh?
Bin: The huge tree in Animal Kingdom, it's their icon!
Me: Nooooo~ :(

At least i took photos of it? *self-consoles*

Anyways, we past this tree to get to...

5. Expedition Everest – 
Legend of the Forbidden Mountain
A high speed "train" ride. I think they call it train cause there is no loops?
Other than that I think it's very much like a roller coaster?
Windy and a lil scary. It actually goes backwards all of a sudden and it has dips too!

We had a fast pass for this ride too :) Cuts all queues yay!
Do note: Fast Passes don't pop out of nowhere. You have to collect them yourselves.
So you have to plan which fast pass to take first 
and remember what time you can collect your next fast pass so as not to waste it!

Next up,
Camp Minnie-Mickey

6. Festival of the Lion King
We watched the one at 5pm.

Here is a short lil video!
I think it's my favorite part of the show?
Okays the initial acrobats part was interesting.
But this is my favorite song from The Lion King!

Realized I didn't upload this video the previous time I was mass uploading the other videos I took in USA. Now my Youtube order is jumbled up :(

7. Greeting Trails
Here you can meet Mickey and friends!
All of them in a individual shelter though.
So you have to keep queuing and queuing if you want to take with all of them.
Thus, we only chose to take with Mickey and Minnie!

Russell, the little boy from UP, and Dug the doggie!
Never did queue to take photo with them - the queue was so long.

Then we reached
Discovery Island

8. It’s Tough to be a Bug!
It was only a 5 minutes wait so we decided to watch it before the next ride.
It's a 3D show and yes with creepy-crawly moments in the dark. It made me screamed for a second.
Not a loud scream. It was the shocked kind of "Ah!".

9. Kali River Rapids
Our final ride in Animal Kingdom and we got drenched head to toe!
And guess where we were headed to next?

Downtown Disney
With our drenched clothing!
We were freezing cause it was windy!
Luckily I kept my cardigan dry.

Here is a map of Downtown Disney :)
map from wdwinfo.com

Wanted to eat here cause sis said it's cool to eat inside.
But sadly the place had a long waiting line!
Plus, we were all hungry so we decided to eat somewhere else instead and come back another day.

This place looks so atas (high-class)! I bet it's expensive too! =P

Cookes of Dublin Irish Fish 'N' Chips
Settled for dinner here instead :)
Of course we had to try the fish and chips there.
But I thought it tasted normal though.
We had a salad too.

Inside the lego shop! So cool right? That place is full of huge lego displays!

Explored the World of Disney store too :)
I bought my pressed penny book there too!
I made pressed penny everywhere I went, 
as long as there is a press penny machine there ;) 
Amelia and Joy were super sweet. 
They knew I was collecting those and they would tell me when they see a press penny machine
and they would also exchange all their shiny pennies with me!

Last photo from Downtown Disney for the night!
Really hard to take photos in the dim areas :(
Meanwhile you can guess which park we went to next ;)

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