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[Review] Mentholatum Acnes Medicated Skincare

Friday 4 January 2013

Those who haven't met me in real life will think that I don't have much acne problems?
But I'm sorry you all got deceived by me :( I photoshop all my pimples away one.
The only times I don't photoshop photos are when I'm lazy, when I put on makeup and for advertorials.
Was super lazy when I was uploading USA photos. So I edited none of them.
Thank god my skin was better (though there were still random breakouts) in USA.
Maybe it's cause their weather is dry there? My skin hates humid weather :(

Anyways, back to the main topic - what I am planning to share with you all today.
Something that I have been using - which have saved my face occassionally.
The thing about my face is that usually there are breakouts due to period.
So whenever I'm gonna have my period, my face is horrible.
But for those non-hormone related ones, these acne products actually did save my skin before!
Yupps the products shown above ;) Now for the individual reviews?

This is the daily facial wash that my sisters and I use.
Sisters are lucky to be blessed with skin that don't have breakouts though #whyme!
I don't own any other facial wash for now, I did not buy the Shiseido one.

Tip: Do not throw away the tube once you can no longer squeeze out anymore products.
Instead, cut it open at the middle (then you can still sort of slot them together again).
Because there are always a lot of products left on the walls of the tube! So don't waste ;)

The one in the set is smaller than the usual ones that daddy bought for me from Guardian.
I'm not sure if there are two sizes sold outside. But if you are planning on using it daily,
then buy the larger ones!

It's just a normal facial wash that is not foamy and lathers up rather well.

This is the one I use alternately with my Shiseido skincare range.
My skin is the type that get use to products and the product will no longer work (I think).
So I always switch between this and my Shiseido ones.
I also use this when I'm lazy, cause the Shiseido one has so many steps (toner, moisturize, gel for acne)!

One thing bad about this product is that it has a thick sticky feel :(
You can tell from the right photo exactly where I spread the sealing jell right?
I know I've mentioned many many times that I hate such products.
But for the sake of my skin (and laziness), I have to endure it.
It takes awhile to dry up but once it is dry you will not feel it anymore ;)

I think this product is really useful though! They really heal my pimples!
Sisters who are blessed with good skin have occasional pimples too and these always heal them.
Maybe it's cause it creates a think layer on your skin so nothing will come close to it?
No idea why but it just works. Sisters and I are gonna keep using these products!

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