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Genting 2D1N March Getaway! Day 1 :)

Saturday 6 April 2013

Sis and Grandma accompanied me for this trip :)
Tired face in the morning.
Had to reach Golden Mile at 6.15am for this coach!
Super super spacious and comfy coach ;)

After about 7hours, we are finally reaching!
The haze/mist/whatever it is =P

Reason why some photos look so dark is cause some of the lamps weren't on.
I had a hard time looking for the switch! LOL!
Was desperately searching for the normal white main switches.
End up, their lamps have individual switches hahahahas.
If you are there, look for those small black switch connected to the lamp ;)

Love the room as it was clean and spacious, with a big bed and two sofas.
The three of us shared that bed and it was just right ;)
In addition, they have a TV and hairdryer! :)

When we were there, it was 21 degrees.
It felt like a 25 degrees? In the noon it actually wasn't cold.

Nicely decorated place with friendly staffs and service is good :)
Price was reasonable too!

Bubbles & Bites
Level 2, Highlands Hotel

Operation Hours
Monday to Thursday: 11am – 12midnight
Friday to Sunday, Eve of Public Holiday & Public Holiday: 11am – 2am

Sis and I each had a cup of ice chocolate. It was super thick!
Grandma has apple + blackcurrent juice. Heard it was not bad too :)

The food that we had!

Caesar Salad was yummy.
I mean what can go wrong with vege right?
Also, there was fresh salmon in it!
We opted for the no beef one cause grandma doesn't take beef :)

Fish and Chips was rather unique.
It's not the normal plain fried fish.
It had a layer of herbs under the fried skin.

New York Spaghetti with Meatballs was not bad.
Spaghetti can never go wrong ;)
The meatballs were a little hard though. But I liked the tomato pasta :)

Peri Peri Chicken Wings was okay.
It had a special sauce but the chicken was a tad too salty.

Didn't tried all. Most of the main dishes was for individuals.
But as a blogger...

We will always spam photos of other people's food as well! Hahahahas.
And photos of the food has to be taken first, before eating! =P

We had a wine tasting session!
I like the passion fruit one! It was not bad hehex.
And ahhhh *light-headed* hahahas.
I think my face turned a lil red after trying them!
We tried at least 6 different kinds.
Some were strong ones.


Clockwise starting from the left:
Alan, Tiffany, Susan, Sherie, Victor, My Grandma, My Sister, Me, Don, Angie 

We were given a short guide on the history of Genting Highlands.
Then, we were brought to their video showing room to watch a clip and that's all we did here =P
All thanks to Dr Lim Goh Tong, we have our nice cold getaway!
If he didn't build up Genting many many years back, there wouldn't even be this trip!

Their wide wide walkways!
Totally don't have to worry about having an over-crowding situation.

I love theme parks!
The first time I came here was in 2005 I think.
It has been 8 years and I am finally back in Genting!
That "flying" ride (no idea it's name) was the first ride I took here in 2005!

Happy girl in the theme park!
I took this mini ferris wheel in 2005 before too =P

Our purpose of coming here.
To try out their new ride - The Waves.
It's madness. Warning to those sitting on the outer corners =P
Take it and you will now why.
Also, be prep that it goes forward, then backwards!
Not bad a ride. It's really fast and I like fast rides! ;)

P.S. Even grandma took this ride!
And she said it was okay lols!

The last photo is thanks to JQ :)
She went around to help us take pics!

Thought the sky was pretty. So I took this photo =P
And we were on our way out of the theme park.
It was free and easy time. We could stay on to play.
But Grandma's feet aches if she walks for too long.
So we decided to go shopping for awhile, then go back to the hotel to rest :)

Grandma and sis :)

Shopping time @ Times Square
Didn't buy anything though.
But I heard Sasa there is quite cheap.
Movie is cheap there too!

The statue of liberty so hip one hahahas!

Photo with grandma :)
Grandma loves taking photos!
Now you know where my love-taking-photos genes came from ;)

It's dinner time!
Two long tables were reserved for all the bloggers.

Coffee Terrace
Lobby Floor, Genting Grand

Operation Hours
Breakfast: 5.30am - 10.30am
Lunch: 12.00 noon - 2.30pm
Dinner: 5.00pm - 9.30pm

3.00pm - 5.00pm
10.30pm - 5.30am


They had a wide range of food there for the Dinner buffet.
Some of the stalls, even cook on the spot for you!
Eg. You can pick the amount of raw vege and seafood that you want at the Chinese stall,
and they will cook it on the spot for you!

My dinner for that day :)

They had LOTS of desserts too! :)

I love the Chocolate Mousse! Yummy!

The Lian Bu (googled it and it is called Syzygium Samarangense) was very sweet too!
I think Malaysia and Thailand has the yummiest lian bu?
If you go to Genting, please spam the lian bu hahahahas!

Apple Strudel was normal ;)

Since we were done eating, and we have time, so we...

Take photos!
Grandma liked the food here.
Think she prefers chinese food.
Plus the food wasn't salty :)

Collected out tickets from JQ :)
But since we were still early, we walked around first.
(Cause SnowWorld has time slots to enter)
That's how SnowWorld looks like.
A super pretty pink/purple place!

A photo in the souvenir shop!
The snowman is so cute!

Outfit of The Day
Top: Cotton On
Cardigan: Cotton On
Jeans: A&F

Time to enter SnowWorld! :)

All geared up ;)
All these outerwear, gloves and boots are all free for use.
No need to pay extra to rent them.

It's my second time in SnowWorld.
When I was in Genting in 2005, I went to SnowWorld too.
But it wasn't as pretty then. Think it was plain white.
But now with the pink/purple lightings, it's super pretty!
Oh and last time I played their slide too :)
Didn't try it this time though.
Cause when I wanted to try, they stopped allowing people to play.

Our illegal photo thanks to Susan!
She sacrificed her fingers and camera for this!
And there was "snow" falling. That's why you see those white specks.

Note: No cameras allowed in that place.
It's actually for your own sake, cause it's super cold in there and your camera can freeze!

The photo we bought!
It's what I posted on instagram, filtered.
Have yet scanned it =P

More photos on the way back to our hotel room :)

At night it was 17 degrees. Felt like maybe a 20degrees?
It was super nice and cooling outside! How I wish Singapore has such weather.
Reason why I love Genting so much - it's so cooling there!

Okay I don't always have supper.
But we were craving for some herbal eggs.
Malaysia has yummy herbal eggs!
We could smell the herbal eggs when we past by 1 Meter Teh.
So we decided to buy one each for supper! :) It was only RM$2 each.

After that, we washed up and that was all for that day!
Will post up Day 2's post soon ;)


  1. Dear Katelyn,

    Thank you for the great post! Haha, your grandma is so hip! Can play thrill rides some more!

    1. Hello JQ :)

      Thank you so much for the invite! Hahas yaa! I was like "You really want to try?! Can don't try one leh"

  2. Love the photo where everyone eyeing on snapping the photo of the food.. :)

    1. Hahas! A blogger's gotta do what a blogger's gotta do ;)