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Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C in Black!

Wednesday 10 April 2013

I didn't stop shopping at all.
It just that I haven't been doing posts on my hauls!
So... here is one!

Those who follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter should have seen this already ;)
My Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C!
Black with Gold Hardware

Was introduced to this mini m.a.c when I was in USA.
But that time I only saw the silver hardware one and felt it was so-so only.
Who knows my internship supervisor went to buy a gold hardware one and shipped to office!
I was like "OMG It's so pretty!" and I knew I was tempted to get one already.
So I gave in to temptation and bought one hahahas.


Rebecca Minkoff isn't readily available in Singapore so I can only buy from amazon.com :)
I love amazon's services! They are really good.

It's original price is USD195 but there was 20% off on Amazon.
So after discount and shipping cost, it was only SG$218 :)

It was neatly packed and there was layers of protection!
All the hardwares were wrapped, then the bag was covered with a tissue, then wrapped in a plastic bag!

Only two zip compartments in this bag.
1. Main compartment
2. The outer small compartment
(As shown above)

It has a cute and pretty blue polka dots interior!

It also comes with a pretty polka dot dust bag (the same polka dot as the interior of the bag). 

If you are keen in getting the bag,
you can get it here!


I brought it to Genting.
It's super easy to match - since the one I bought is black in color =P

I also brought it to Cadbury Event :)
I think it goes with any outfit as long as I'm wearing black color shoes ;)


This bag is like my go to bag already.
I think you will keep seeing this bag on my blog!
It's not expensive if you make full use of it.
If you use it 100times, it cost only $2 per use ;) Hahas.
And also cause I think it's the prettiest bag I have =P


  1. Its a lovely bag! I had the circle quilt swing but I just decided to sell it, to get the mini mac instead :D

    1. Thanks babe! :) Yes! Get a mini mac instead ;)

  2. love the Rebecca Minkoff bag! :D

  3. hi there, i was searching for rebecca minkoff MAC and came across ur blog. btw thanks for sharing. and how you managed to enjoy 20% off on Amazon? i also want to get one too!

    my email: stars_vera@hotmail.com

    1. Hello :) You're welcome. The 20% off was some offer for people on their mailing list I think. My friend told me bout the offer and my sis knew about it too :)

  4. Love your dazzling look! A spacious and stylish Rebecca Minkoff Mac is still on my wish list but I really don't who where I will find a mac that will hold all my stuff.

  5. Hi, may I know how do you check the authenticity of it? :)

    1. Hello, sorry for the late reply! I can't really check it's authenticity since they don't carry this in Singapore. But I ensure I got it from those "Sold and Shipped by Amazon" ones cause Amazon ensures all their stuffs are authentic. But they can be a lil messy as they have tonnes of 3rd party sellers.

      Btw, if you are interested you can get your mini mac from this shop: http://katelyn-tan.blogspot.sg/2014/08/luxury-shopping-on-shopbop.html
      They are a sister company of Amazon so it will be 100% authentic and you won't have to worry about mix ups ;) I've got the link for rebecca minkoff in that post.

  6. Hi, just to ask does this bag with the metal strap caused the bag to be heavy ? As worried it could be heavy so like holding it back.